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Chapter 281: Can You Give Me A Hug? (1)

 Chapter 281: Can You Give Me A Hug? (1)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

A slight look of annoyance suddenly surfaced in his eyes as he fished for the cotton ball in the bottle of alcohol a few times, but he still couldn't manage to get it out. His brows also started to tighten with annoyance growing in his eyes.

With some difficulty, He Jichen tried to pinch the cotton ball again, but in the end, he failed once again. Ji Yi, who became anxious just watching him, didn't think twice about reaching over and holding He Jichen's hand that held the tweezers.

Her sudden touch felt like a jolt of electricity to He Jichen, causing his body to tense up. He hesitantly looked up after a few seconds, looking over at her in disbelief.

When Ji Yi met his gaze, she realized what she had just done and pulled her fingers away from He Jichen's hand. Her eyes suddenly shifted left and right for a while as her face flushed. A little embarrassed, she softly said, "L-l-let me help you."

He Jichen stared firmly at Ji Yi without saying a word.

Ji Yi couldn't understand what was going through his mind; she couldn't tell if he needed help or not, so she didn't dare reach her hand out again. After some time, seeing as he didn't respond, she assumed he didn't actually need her help. Just as she was going to withdraw her hand, He Jichen's voice floated out: "Thanks."


Is he accepting my help?

Ji Yi looked up and shot a glance at him then realized he had his arm out, offering her the tweezers.

Ji Yi didn't say anything and quickly took the tweezers. She swiftly dipped the cotton ball into the alcohol then placed it onto the wound on He Jichen's palm.

Because it wasn't easy to disinfect the wound, Ji Yi reached her other hand out to steady He Jichen's right hand.

Her eyelashes gently trembled the moment their fingers touched, and after about three minutes passed, she forced herself to stay calm. She carefully helped disinfect his wound.

After she finished disinfecting the wound and placed the tweezers down, He Jichen pointed at the bottle of medicine on the table. "That's the ointment," reminded He Jichen.

Ji Yi let out an "Oh" then picked up the bottle and read the instructions on it before removing the lid. She poured out a little bit of ointment then gently smeared it onto He Jichen's palm.

Ji Yi was afraid the medicine would get rubbed away before it could soak into the wound, so she grabbed the bandage and wrapped it around his hand a few times. When she was sure the wound was wrapped up well, she tore off the excess and quietly said, "I'm scared the bandage will fall apart, so I tied a tight knot there for you. When you remove the bandage, just use scissors to cut it."

He Jichen let out a gentle "Mhm."

Again, Ji Yi didn't respond right away. After she carefully secured the bandage, she finally said, "Or you can ask assistant Chen to help."

This time, He Jichen didn't let out a peep.

Ji Yi examined his hand to make sure there weren't any loose ends then she looked up. She was just about to say "all good" when she realized he was staring, transfixed at her.

Ji Yi's heart fell into a daze as the words she was about to say suddenly vanished.

It wasn't like she wasn't aware of how striking he looked, but when their eyes met, she still felt shocked at his stunning looks.

She never realized just how perfect his eyes were and how impossible they were to break free from. There was a clarity in the very depths of those eyes like the vast starry sky and a profound brightness which seduced people easily...