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Chapter 276: You Were Never Alone, You Still Have Me (6)

 Chapter 276: You Were Never Alone, You Still Have Me (6)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

"You were never alone, you still have me."

He originally wanted to add the two words "Manman," but after he finished typing, he hesitated for a moment before he ended things there.

He wanted to treat it as something He Jichen would say.

His original draft was: You were never alone, you still have me, Cola girl.


Last night, Ji Yi couldn't sleep because of He Jichen. She just couldn't get to sleep as she laid in bed, tossing and turning. Then her phone lit up, and she received a message from "He Yuguang."

Perhaps she was confused, or perhaps it was because she liked sharing things with He Yuguang when she was young, but after she found out that He Yuguang knew about everything that happened on set, she reverted back to how she was before. She typed word after word, spilling all the little things on her mind.

Sharing was a way for her to vent. Even if she typed a lot of words and didn't get a reply, she felt a lot better. Eventually, waiting for his reply led her to shut her eyes and fall asleep.

The next day, Ji Yi was woken up by a knock at the door.

She groggily went over to the door to see the floor runner standing outside. They told her that her scenes had been pushed back to seven days later and the cast and crew had arranged for other scenes to be shot first.

After the floor runner left, Ji Yi was confused as to why the floor runner was personally sent over to tell her... When she returned to her bed, she picked up her phone and checked the time, only to realize that her phone had automatically turned off because it ran out of battery.

After she plugged it in to charge, she checked the time on the hotel clock. It was already eight in the morning.

After going to the bathroom to freshen up, Ji Yi went to the restaurant on the second floor.

She wouldn't have gone to the restaurant had yesterday's events not happened because it would've been a wasted trip - she'd never have been able to eat.

But today was different. Qian Ge lost so badly yesterday that she would be tempted to get revenge. However, after being exposed by He Jichen, she definitely wouldn't try anything again.

Just as Ji Yi thought, as soon as she walked into the restaurant, everything went smoothly.

To her astonishment, the waiting staff did a one-eighty degree on her and changed their attitude completely.

While she was eating, after she reached the bottom of her glass of milk, a waiter came up to ask whether she needed a top up.

After dinner, Ji Yi got up, a young man walked over to her and politely asked, "Miss, were you satisfied with your meal?"

When did the cast and crew buy out the restaurant and how was this level of hospitality possible? Ji Yi was stunned for a moment before she smiled, nodded, and replied, "It was great."

"Excellent." The man smiled and with both hands, he presented her with a business card from his pocket. "Miss, I'm the restaurant manager. If you have any requests in the future, you can contact me."

He clearly wasn't the manager of the restaurant... Ji Yi was stunned again.

The man probably guessed that she was puzzled, so he smiled and explained, "Last night, the manager of the restaurant was changed at the last minute, so I will be in charge of meals for the cast and crew from now on."

"Oh," replied Ji Yi as she snapped back to her senses and took the business card. "Sorry to trouble you from here on then."