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Chapter 268: Theres No Justice. Only Shes Right and Youre Wrong. (8)

 Chapter 268: There's No Justice. Only She's Right and You're Wrong. (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The heavy sense of rage still lingered within his body. Before it could disappear, he was engulfed with an earth-shattering annoyance and agitation.

The complex mix of emotions accumulated in his body and assaulted He Jichen in a way that left him defenseless. He tightened his lips and stared at Ji Yi for a while then he suddenly let go of her hand, forcefully swung open the door, and strode out of the room with big strides.

The door was slammed shut heavily, and the room instantly calmed down.

Ji Yi leaned against the wall and stood there transfixed for some time. Minding the pain in her waist, she slowly sat down by the bedside.

Ji Yi wasn't sure just how long she sat there for, nor was she aware of what was going through her mind. All she knew was that her mind was confused, but when she finally calmed down, she wanted to get up and go to the bathroom. Her gaze suddenly fell on the bag on the counter.

He Jichen brought those...

Ji Yi stood by the bedside for a moment before she walked over to it.

She opened the bag and saw well-packed, luxurious boxes of food for dinner.

Beside this was also a small plastic bag with several boxes of medicine. There was medicine to reduce inflammation, some vitamins, and an ointment to remove scars...

He Jichen, he... after he brought me back to the hotel room, randomly got mad and left, he didn't just leave me here without a care in the world. He went to buy me dinner and medicine?

The film studio doesn't have any drug stores nearby, so did he drive over to the nearest city to buy some?

Ji Yi's heart, which had already calmed down with some difficulty, felt like it had been smashed by large stones and was stirred up by a million waves.

Before this, she wasn't sure how He Jichen truly thought about her, but right now, as she saw the things in the bag, it was hard to believe it wasn't true that... He Jichen, he-he actually did care about her deep down inside!


Suite 1001 on the top floor of the hotel.

He Jichen held a cigarette between his fingers as he had his back turned to Han Zhifan, who was sitting on the sofa. He stood in front of the tall window, staring coldly out the window.

Han Zhifan talked non-stop, but He Jichen didn't really listen, nor was he in the mood to care. The atmosphere in the room was evidently somber.

After some time, there was a knock on the door of the suite. Following Han Zhifan's call to enter, He Jichen's personal secretary walked through the door with Cheng Weiwan.

When the secretary brushed past Han Zhifan, he greeted Han Zhifan before walking over to He Jichen's side and said with his head down, "Mr. He, Miss Cheng is here. Allow her to please take care of the wound on your hand."

He Jichen looked lost in a daze as he stared out the window without blinking for quite some time before slowly coming back to his senses and glancing over at the secretary. He looked down at his palms, wrapped in tissue.

A long time had passed, but there were still streaks of blood endlessly pouring out.

Two seconds passed before He Jichen withdrew his gaze and casually put out the cigarette between his fingers in the ashtray beside him. Then he turned and looked over at Cheng Weiwan. "First, go to room 2006 and check to see if she stopped bleeding."

When the secretary heard this, he didn't wait for Cheng Weiwan to respond and beat her first to say, "Mr. He, you must take care of your wound. The glass shards are still in there..."

Before the secretary could finish, He Jichen suddenly spoke with a dull voice, "I told you to go first to 2006, so go first to 2006."

He didn't sound that stern, but it was enough to stop the secretary from talking any further.