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Chapter 266: Theres No Justice. Only Shes Right and Youre Wrong. (6)

 Chapter 266: There's No Justice. Only She's Right and You're Wrong. (6)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

His earlier demeanor was frightening enough for her, but this roar made Ji Yi's entire body shiver. She instinctively pulled her head back.

She had enough experience to know just how scary he could be when he was angry, so she didn't dare to look up at him. She held her breath, clung to the wall, and stealthily shifted to one side. She wanted to quickly head to the bathroom and shut the door to distance herself from He Jichen.

He Jichen was staring firmly at Ji Yi without flinching, so the moment she moved, he quickly reached his arm out and pulled her to him by the wrist. Because she just tried to escape, his voice sounded increasingly bone-chilling as he said, " actually do something this moronic!"

Ji Yi had no idea just how broken his heart felt when the assistant director told him she was hurt.

When he got to set and saw her in a pool of blood, he was about to go crazy!

He had experienced this feeling two times in his entire life. The first time was three years ago when he learned she got into a car accident. He rushed over to Beijing all the way from Sucheng, and when he saw her unconscious with tubes all over her body, his legs almost gave way and fell to the ground under everyone's watchful eyes!

The second time was today on set. He tried hard to stop himself from losing it in front of everyone, but they had no idea about the torture and misery he was in.

He even started to question if it was a mistake to have Ji Yi and Qian Ge on the same crew. Should I replace Qian Ge...

But in the end?

Ji Yi was the one who actually hid the blade there just to retaliate against Qian Ge!

That piece of sh*t, unworthy of being trash. She even had to risk her life and disregard everything to hurt herself just for revenge?

The wound wasn't particularly deep nor fatal, and she only needed stitches to stop the bleeding, but... but if the blade was any deeper, it would've cut her organs...

The more He Jichen thought about it, the more scared and angry he felt in his heart. Even his voice started to sound increasingly stern and harsh as he said, "Did you feel especially proud when you got away with it? Especially dignified? From what I saw, you're basically dumb as hell! Not only are you dumb but you're irresponsible! You turned the set into a place to fight and scheme against others. You're practically unfit to be an actress!"

Ji Yi had to admit that what she did wasn't brilliant, but her hand was forced. Having been pushed into a corner, the only path she could take was to injure herself out of desperation.

Did he think I wanted to go to such extreme measures? I had no other way...

As He Jichen berated Ji Yi to nothing, a feeling of being wronged entered her heart, and she instinctively bit her bottom lip.

"With your IQ and accomplishments, do you still want to work in the entertainment industry? I advise that you pack up your things and leave before it's too late!" As He Jichen spoke, he couldn't help but tighten his grip on Ji Yi's wrist.

Ji Yi was in so much pain that she couldn't help but let out a soft yelp.

"Does it hurt?" Not only did He Jichen's fingers not let go, but he tightened them even more. "You still feel pain? If you do, why would you do something so stupid? With your skills, you still wanted to fight with trash. Did you think you could beat trash?"

He was truly angry... so angry that she hadn't cared about her own safety to this degree!

She was the woman he truly loved and sincerely protected. Even if her pain was self-inflicted, he couldn't forgive it!

In the end, because of how scared He Jichen was after the incident, he said with a trembling voice, "Luckily for you, it wasn't too serious of an injury. Did you even think about the consequences if something more serious happened to you?!"