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Chapter 252: Why Didnt You Tell Me? (2)

 Chapter 252: Why Didn't You Tell Me? (2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

"The last time Ji Yi's costume had a hole in it, Qian Ge Jie was the one responsible for it. Also, the time Ji Yi had diarrhea, Qian Ge Jie sent someone to give Ji Yi's makeup artist some laxatives to put in her drink. And..."

The wardrobe assistant spoke quite loudly, so everyone standing nearby could hear her clearly. The dumbstruck expressions on every one of their faces seemed as though they were hearing something straight from a work of fiction.

"... And every time Ji Yi wanted to go to the toilet, there were always several people running over to occupy the toilets before her, so there was no way for her to go to the restroom..."

The more the wardrobe assistant exposed, the more somber the expression on He Jichen's face became. In the end, he looked as though he could break out in a sweat.

Bewilderment emerged from Qian Ge's eyes, but when she spoke, she sounded intimidating as usual, "Liang Wenwen, save it with your nonsense!"

The wardrobe assistant shivered in shock, but she didn't stop and continued to speak: "...Not only that, but even Ji Yi's lunch box was targeted. It would always mysteriously have some kind of strange problem. From what I know, since Ji Yi joined the cast and crew, she has never eaten a single lunch box..."

Since Qian Ge protested that the wardrobe assistant was just covering up for herself, He Jichen suddenly spoke when he heard this. His words weren't for Qian Ge nor the wardrobe assistant, but for the assistant director, "Where's the police? Here yet? And the lawyer... how much longer will the lawyer take?!"

When the wardrobe assistant heard this, she was even more flustered. She was afraid that He Jichen didn't believe her or think she was the main culprit and take her to the police station. She started to provide evidence for He Jichen. "I promise every single word I said is true. I didn't lie. Director He, if you don't believe me, I'll tell you who Qian Ge Jie bribed. I can point them out to you right now..."

As the wardrobe assistant spoke, she really reached her arm out and pointed at individuals in the crowd of cast and crew members. She pointed at one person, then a second person... she pointed out more and more, causing the atmosphere to grow tense. There were quite a few people who started whispering amongst each other as if they weren't aware of what was going on.

"So those non-stop mishaps that Ji Yi had during filming was because of Qian Ge."

"I never imagined that Qian Ge could actually do such despicable things!"

"Yeah! 'Queen of the silver screen,' 'The queen bee'... From how I see it, she's only able to hold her status by treading all over potential newcomers to the industry. In reality, she's probably not even any good..."

The louder every one spoke, the ruder they were. Qian Ge felt her footing falling apart as she saw the wardrobe assistant continue to blame her. A cold light flashed in her eyes as she suddenly prepared to charge at the wardrobe assistant.

But before she could move, her manager suddenly grabbed her arm and stopped her.

Qian Ge furrowed her brows in confusion then turned her head to glance at her manager.

The manager gently nodded at her then let go of her arm before taking a step forward. "You don't have to call the police to investigate this. Just take me, because I single-handedly arranged for everything that happened to Ji Yi. This had nothing to do with Qian Ge. She had no idea what happened!"

Qian Ge couldn't argue with the wardrobe assistant and she was obviously scared to death. Having changed her stance, Qian Ge would only be embarrassed even more if she continued to argue.

It was all out now. All the cast and crew weren't stupid, they could tell that Qian Ge was trying to beat down Ji Yi.

Even though nobody knew where the blade came from, Qian Ge's image was already ruined. In addition, she couldn't get involved in a lawsuit - if word got out on the internet, Qian Ge would suffer serious damage.

In this moment, someone had to stand up and take responsibility, and her manager was the only person who could do it. It couldn't be Qian Ge.

At that thought, Qian Ge's manager continued to say, "The reason is simple... Because I think Ji Yi is a huge threat, so I don't want her to make it big one day. That's why I wanted to force her out of the cast. I did so to protect my artist..."