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Chapter 247: Think About It, Before You Answer (7)

 Chapter 247: Think About It, Before You Answer (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Cheng Weiwan sensed He Jichen draw closer, but she sat unfazed, continuing to concentrate on helping Ji Yi take care of her wound.

Rather, it was Ji Yi who instinctively turned her head to look over at He Jichen. When she felt his gaze, she was completely stunned.

She didn't know when it happened, but the man's complexion had turned pale white. His face was completely erratic and disheveled.

His eyes were sharp and stern as he stared at the needle in Cheng Weiwan's hand like an enemy with a blood feud.

This man who was always calm and composed and never revealed his emotions on his face... To her surprise... He's capable of having such a chaotic expression?

She always thought the man who carried her all the way into the palace already lost it; she never imagined that he could have such crazed moments like this.

What's more, in this very moment, it was because... because of her.

Ji Yi's heart suddenly trembled incessantly.

The needle in Cheng Weiwan's fingers pierced her flesh again, causing her to naturally furrow her eyebrows in pain. However, her thoughts were still with He Jichen.

Having clearly noticed her furrowed brows, He Jichen instinctively reached his hand out at Cheng Weiwan, tempted to take the needle away from her. But when his fingers reached out no more than an inch away, he clenched his fingers hard and forced himself to withdraw them.

The needle pierced through her skin again, causing Ji Yi's leg to shudder in pain.

With that, He Jichen's body tensed up for a second then tightly balled up his hands into fists. He turned around and walked out of the palace.

It wasn't until Ji Yi heard the heavy slam of the palace doors that she blinked and return to her senses.

Her round pupils circled the palace as she thought, why did He Jichen suddenly leave ?

Her mind lingered on that thought for no more than three seconds before she thought back to how He Jichen rushed over to her earlier. A confused expression came over her face.

This time, as her heart raced again, Ji Yi took a few breaths and started to grow anxious.

Is He Jichen not as annoyed and hateful of me as I thought?

Which goes to say, deep down inside, he cares about me a little?

After all, we were once on good terms and good friends...


Under the eyes of the production crew, He Jichen stepped out of the palace and walked towards the stairs in front of him. He walked up and down. Up again, then down again.

He repeated this a few times over before he walked over to the palace doors and raised his hand, preparing to push the doors open. However, he also couldn't bear the thought of seeing and hearing Ji Yi in pain and he was afraid he'd pull Cheng Weiwan out of there. With that thought, he simply withdrew his hand and continued to repeatedly walk up and down the stairs.

Under all this anxiety and worry, time dragged on infinitely.

Just as He Jichen was about to completely lose his patience, the palace doors finally opened and Cheng Weiwan walked out. "Where are her clothes?"

He Jichen immediately understood what Cheng Weiwan meant. He turned and yelled at a staff member nearby. "Clothes, bring her clothes over here!"

Soon enough, someone found Ji Yi's clothes from when she changed into her costume and brought them over.

Cheng Weiwan took them and walked back into the palace.

She shut the doors, handed Ji Yi her change of clothes, then picked up the blood-stained costume.

These clothes were definitely done for... Cheng Weiwan rubbed them for a moment and considered throwing them into the trash before her fingertips felt a hard object.