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Chapter 246: Think About It, Before You Answer (6)

 Chapter 246: Think About It, Before You Answer (6)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

All of a sudden, Ji Yi found herself unable to look away as she stared unwaveringly at the reflection in the mirror. Ji Yi didn't snap back to her senses until He Jichen carried her past the copper mirror, preventing her from seeing a thing.

He actually carries me with that kind of posture... It's like he's scared to accidentally break me...

As that thought flashed across Ji Yi's mind, it felt like something struck her heart heavily, causing her to tremble violently.

She instinctively raised her head and stared up at He Jichen.

His complexion looked the same as when he first showed up - cold and desolate. Yet after he scanned all around for somewhere he could put her down, Ji Yi also caught a glimpse of his anxiousness.

His gaze fell on one area in the palace, finally locating a place to put her down. With her face stuck to his chest, she felt him let out a sigh of relief like he just solved a great problem.

With Ji Yi in his arms, He Jichen finally stopped in front of the bed in the palace.

Although the bed was made, who knew how many people from the production team sat on it. He Jichen figured it was dirty, so after he slowly put Ji Yi down onto the bed, he raised his arms and removed his jacket. He laid it down the other side of the bed and carried Ji Yi over to his jacket and turned around to look over at Cheng Weiwan.

He Jichen only took a step back from the bedside when Cheng Weiwan arrived.

Ji Yi's gaze wandered over to the guy's trembling fingers.

This was the first time Ji Yi saw He Jichen like this. Her fingertips instinctively quivered for a moment then she tightly clutched onto his jacket over her lower body.

Since the moment he showed up till now, he had tried his best not to reveal any expression. Though people around them may not have noticed anything, Ji Yi, who had been quite close to him, noticed his little reactions.

She wasn't stupid. She knew what all these little actions of his really meant.

He's worried...

He Jichen's actually worried about me?

No matter how she thought about it, it didn't make any sense. However, Ji Yi thought there was no denying that He Jichen was actually worrying about someone like her. He was worried for her safety.

"While I take care of your wound, it's going to hurt a little. You have to hold it in." Cheng Weiwan's voice was calm and composed, like the time over the phone when she asked Ji Yi if she was interested in "Three Thousand Lunatics."

When Ji Yi heard this, she came back her senses a little. As her heart was a little rattled by He Jichen, she only just gave Cheng Weiwan a gentle nod but didn't say a word.

Even though Ji Yi already braced herself for it, when Cheng Weiwan treated her wound, she was in so much pain that her teeth trembled and she inhaled cold breaths of air non-stop.

He Jichen hadn't left but was standing not too far away. At first, he was able to keep his composure, but when he heard the sounds of her exhalations more frequently, he couldn't stand it any longer and started pacing back and forth around the lobby.

The wound on Ji Yi's waist was a little deep, so it needed stitching up.

The location of the film studios was incredibly remote, so she wouldn't be able to make it if they sent her to the hospital. Cheng Weiwan's medical kit didn't have any anesthetics, so all Ji Yi could do was force herself to endure the pain of someone stitching her up.

Even though Ji Yi tried really hard to bear with the pain, when the needles pierced into her flesh one after the other, she let out a low painful cry.

He Jichen, who had been pacing some distance away, suddenly rushed over to her bedside when he heard Ji Yi's high-pitched, painful "YA--".