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Chapter 233: Ji Yi, Im Sorry (3)

 Chapter 233: Ji Yi, I'm Sorry (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi suddenly opened her eyes wide and her mind went completely blank. It seemed like her pressure points were pressed as she froze on the spot.

The person who kissed her was a man. The kiss was only superficial as a second later, he swiftly released her lips.

Ji Yi was left a little dazed by the sudden kiss. She hadn't completely snapped back to her senses before the guy moved from her lips to her ears.

Even if it was really noisy around them, Ji Yi could still hear the whispers and sound of kissing over the ringing of the wishing bell. She even heard the man say quietly in a breathless whisper, "Actually I'm really not so bad. Do you want to try to fall in love with me?"

The very second he finished speaking, the man's lips kissed Ji Yi's forehead.

His lips were soft and warm as they stuck to her face and lingered there for a second. He let out a distinct sigh of regret at just how fleeting time was like he couldn't bear to leave.

A second later, he pulled his lips away from her forehead and swiftly let go of Ji Yi's wrist. He took two steps back and disappeared into the crowd, leaving Ji Yi standing there on the spot, still in a daze.

The sound of the bell stopped ringing as the lights turned on.

Having not yet readjusted to the brightness, Ji Yi furrowed her brows as she realized that a stranger stole a five-second kiss from her with the lights out.

She instinctively opened her eyes and searched her surroundings.

Everyone was busy with their own business, and none of them seemed like the person who kissed her just now.

Could it all have been a figment of my imagination?

Ji Yi thought about it and raised her fingers to touch her lips. A faint warmth on her mouth lingered.

Which proved that in those five seconds, someone really did kiss her...

It was just a shame that the kiss was so short and she was so bewildered that she didn't take notice of what kind of air the man let off.

"Xiao Yi? Why are you daydreaming? We're heading up!" When the wishing bell stopped ringing, the group dispersed. Tang Huahua was about to go upstairs and took just two steps before she noticed that Ji Yi stood there fixed on the spot, so she called out to her.

Ji Yi gave a quick response, turned around and headed over to Tang Huahua. Having taken just two steps, she suddenly thought back to what the man said to her during those five seconds when the wishing bell rang.

Her mind wandered back to those words again as she softly mouthed, "Actually I'm really not so bad, Do you want to try to fall in love with me?"

She spoke very quietly, so Tang Huahua, who was some distance away from her, only saw her mouth move soundlessly. She couldn't help calling out again, "Xiao Yi, what did you say?"

Immersed in her thoughts, Ji Yi didn't make a sound. As she sluggishly made her way to Tang Huahua, she raised her hand and touched the middle of her forehead where the man kissed her. Then when she reminisced about the moment he left, she let out a sigh. All of a sudden, her footsteps came to a stop and a sharp pain came over her heart as though it was pricked by a needle.

That's weird. How can that man make me feel so sad and pained?

Who in the hell was he? Why did he say those things to me?

"Xiao Yi? Xiao Yi?" Seeing that Ji Yi had frozen again, Tang Huahua walked back to her side and pulled on her arm. As they walked up to the first floor, she asked, "What's up with you?"