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Chapter 228: The Person I Love Is Not My Lover (8)

 Chapter 228: The Person I Love Is Not My Lover (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

"It's at the hot pot restaurant in front of the school." After the roommate said this, he pointed to the school building nearby. "Chen Ge, I'm going in to register first. See you later at the restaurant."

He Jichen gave a gentle nod but didn't say a word.

After his roommate left, he stood on the spot for some time before he strode back to his car. He pulled the car door open and got in.

He closed the door and pulled up the windows, letting silence seep through the entire car.

He Jichen lowered his eyes and stared at the steering wheel in front of him with Ji Yi's words to Tang Huahua echoing in his ears: "Would you fall for someone you hate?"

"I'm not joking around with you. Like or feel something for him? Why don't you just kill me!"

In actuality, deep down inside, he knew full well that she didn't have him in his heart. If he was, why would he need his brother's identity to get close to her?

However, when he heard himself just how non-existent he was to her, he realized the resulting devastation was a little too much to bear.

He knew she wasn't at fault here. He went overboard that night at the Four Seasons Hotel, but his heart still throbbed in pain at her words.


Back in the dorms, Bo He received a call from the class president.

The class president and Bo He were from the same hometown and they were classmates since high school, so their relationship had always been good. He was calling to ask if Bo He would like to have dinner with him and his roommates later that evening.

Bo He thought about Ji Yi and Tang Huahua and hesitated a little since the class president asked her to bring them both along. However, when she remembered that it was a free meal, Bo He immediately broke into a wide smile while hanging up the phone. She called Ji Yi and Tang Huahua to hurry up and get ready to head out for a free meal.

The dinner party was at a hot pot restaurant opposite the school, which eight out of ten school dinner parties were held at. Students at B-Film called it "Second Canteen."

Today was the start of the term, so all the students were eating out together. When Ji Yi and her two roommates arrived, the entire first floor of the hot pot restaurant was filled with people.

The three of them circled the first floor but couldn't find the class president and the others. Bo He was just about to take out her phone and give them a quick call when the class president showed up by the stairway. "Bo He."

Ji Yi and the girls walked up the stairs, following the class president while they heard him explain, "When we got here, the first floor was full. There was just no room, so we had to book large private room on the second floor. However, they were full today and seeing as the large private room could seat over ten people, the boss wasn't particularly willing to give it to our party of seven. Luckily, I bumped into good basketball friends of mine. They came too, so he figured that we might as well share tables. We're from the same school, so you guys can get to know each other..."

By the time the class president finished talking about how it all happened, the four of them had already reached the entrance of the large private room.

Aside from the three girls, all the others were already seated around the big round table, happily chatting away.

Tang Huahua walked right to the front, pulled a chair out, and just sat down when her eyes widened in disbelief. She cried out, "He Xuezhang?"

The second Tang Huahua said that, she thought back to what she asked Ji Yi in front of the administration office not too long ago. She instinctively turned her head and glanced over at Ji Yi.

When Ji Yi heard Tang Huahua say the three words "He Xuezhang," her fingertips trembled but the expression on her face didn't change.

If she knew she'd have to share tables with He Jichen, she would've definitely found an excuse to decline tonight's dinner invitation.

But she was already there, so she couldn't just turn and leave.