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Chapter 227: The Person I Love Is Not My Lover (7)

 Chapter 227: The Person I Love Is Not My Lover (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Just as he was about to reach the three women, he heard what Tang Huahua said: "Or, Xiao Yi, would you ever like He Xuezhang? Moreover, do you now feel something for He Xuezhang?"

His footsteps came to a sudden halt as he held his breath and silently stared firmly at Ji Yi for her answer.


Like He Jichen? Or feel something for He Jichen?

The annoyance between Ji Yi's brows grew more intense.

She would never forget how she endured and put up with Lin Zhengyi that night, just to help He Jichen get his investment back. She also remembered how he treated her and how humiliated she felt.

Like? Feel something?

She couldn't hate and avoid him enough, so how could she ever develop any pleasant feelings for him?

Tang Huahua saw how Ji Yi pursed the corners of her lips and how she didn't reply for some time, so she hid behind Bo He. In a quiet voice, she prompted her, "Xiao Yi..."

Ji Yi's train of thought was broken when Tang Huahua spoke. She was afraid Tang Huahua would continue to say offbeat, ridiculous things, so she immediately responded, "Would you fall for someone you hated?"

Ji Yi left Tang Huahua stunned with her swift response which then made Tang Huahua laugh. "Xiao Yi, are you kidding? He Xuezhang treats you so well, how could you hate such a..."

Ji Yi didn't want to keep talking about this topic in the slightest. Ji Yi understood exactly what Tang Huahua meant in an instant and stopped her from saying the word "person" by interjecting, "I'm not joking around with you. Like or feel something for him? Why don't you just kill me!"

After saying that, Ji Yi didn't stay a second longer. She hugged her textbooks and turned back around, heading towards the dorm.

Bo He and Tang Huahua seemed stunned by the sternness and conclusiveness of Ji Yi's last words. The two of them continued to stand there, staring each other in dismay for quite some time before they hurriedly caught up to Ji Yi.


The three girls left and long ago disappeared from his line of sight, but He Jichen still stayed right where he stopped in his tracks without flinching at all.

Quite a few students brushed past him and entered the school building. There were also quite a few students holding textbooks, chatting and laughing beside him as they walked away.

However, his line of sight seemed frozen on the spot where Ji Yi was just standing.

The afterglow from the setting sun elongated his shadow.

Even he didn't know just how long he stayed there in that position before someone from his dorm, who had come to the administration office to register, saw him and cried, "Chen Ge?"

He Jichen still didn't flinch as though he hadn't heard a thing.

The roommate was so confused that he took a few big steps forward and stood behind He Jichen. He reached his arm out and patted his shoulder. "Chen Ge, what're you looking at? What has you so entranced?"

He Jichen suddenly snapped back to reality and turned his head around to look at his roommate.

The roommate followed He Jichen's line of sight, but couldn't see anything interesting. He let out a chuckle and cut to the chase: "Chen Ge, there's a party tonight in our dorm. Are you coming?"

Perhaps He Jichen was just in a daze for too long as he was a little bewildered. He initially shook his head then realized what his roommate asked and after a short while, he nodded.

He was afraid his roommate would be confused by his conflicting head shaking and nodding, so he added in an unbelievably hoarse voice, "Where?"