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Chapter 223: The Person I Love Is Not My Lover (3)

 Chapter 223: The Person I Love Is Not My Lover (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Bo He and Tang Huahua arrived in the early afternoon. The two of them unpacked all their belongings then laid in bed to get some rest.

Delighted to see Ji Yi had arrived, the three women excitedly hugged each other and chatted for some time before Ji Yi started to change her bedsheets.

After Ji Yi finished getting her bed ready and wiped down her desk and chair, the three women went downstairs together to register at the admin office and to buy textbooks for the new semester.

Ji Yi assumed many of her coursemates would judge her and talk about what Lin Ya posted on Moments on the evening of new year's upon her return to school. However, as she lined up at the admin office, she bumped into so many familiar faces, yet not only was everyone as normal as ever, there were even people who shot her "sympathetic" looks.

Tang Huahua, who she was close with, felt like something was off. She even whispered into Ji Yi's ear: "Xiao Yi, they obviously know about what Lin Ya posted on her Moments, but not only did they not judge you, they're actually acting all friendly. Don't you think something's not right here?

Ji Yi nodded in agreement, not quite sure what was going on.

Since there were many students registering, the three of them waited half an hour before finally seeing hope.

In front of them was the school committee member who was very familiar with the class advisor. As soon as they saw each other, they struck up a casual conversation.

Standing behind the school committee member, Ji Yi didn't really pay attention to their conversation until the school committee member asked the class advisor, "Yang Jie, I heard Lin Ya was expelled?" Ji Yi furrowed her brows and focused all her attention to listen in on their conversation.

The class advisor spoke quietly, so Ji Yi came a little closer. Even though she couldn't hear clearly, she heard most of the conversation. "Yeah, I only caught wind of this today. No matter if she dropped out or if she was expelled by the administration office, it happened because of personal misconduct. Someone reported her to the Education Bureau for working an inappropriate job in a nightclub outside of school. The school leaders were called in to make a judgement. This situation just tarnishes our school's reputation. The administration office said they'll be taking this matter seriously - in a school assembly, they'll probably call out names related to this case..."

Having also heard the school committee member say this, Tang Huahua sneakily pinched Ji Yi's waist.

Ji Yi got the hint and looked back to shoot Tang Huahua a glance. Then the school committee member hugged her books and said her goodbyes to the class advisor before she left. It was time for Ji Yi to sign up and collect her textbooks.

Coming out of the admin office, Tang Huahua immediately started chatting with Ji Yi: "Xiao Yi, did you hear what Yang Jie said? Lin Ya was expelled! Our school... Oh.. Wait.. every school has students who commit misconduct, but how many schools actually deal with it? Lin Ya was obviously set up, but who did she offend to receive this fate?"

Just as Tang Huahua said "Lin Ya," they heard someone also say "Lin Ya" from behind a nearby tree.

Ji Yi and the other two instinctively stopped walking and looked over in that direction.

They were some girls from the same dorm floor chatting enthusiastically together. Some had books in their hands while another was empty-handed, probably preparing to pick up her textbook.

"I never imagined that Lin Ya was so shameless! She's capable of anything!"