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Chapter 222: The Person I Love Is Not My Lover (2)

 Chapter 222: The Person I Love Is Not My Lover (2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

She stared emptily at the TV in front of her for an awfully long time before she came back to her senses.

So, after I woke from my coma, the person I kept looking for was actually Yuguang Ge?

That's about right... Right now, besides her parents, the person who treated her the best was Yuguang Ge. The owner of the jade must've missed her dearly to visit her every month. Besides Yuguang Ge, who would go as far as to travel overnight to see her just because she sprained her ankle?

What's more, how could she forget that after she and Yuguang Ge got into their fake marriage, Yuguang Ge always went to Beijing on the eighteenth of every month...

With that thought, more and more ideas came flooding into Ji Yi's mind. Her heart started to race.

So in the three years she was in a coma, Yuguang Ge never forgot about her.

So the person she was looking for was Yuguang Ge. It was indeed Yuguang Ge...

An inexplicable feeling instantly overcame Ji Yi's chest. The feeling flailed erratically as it entered her heart; the sensation made her unsettled.

She always thought she kept a good distance between her and Yuguang Ge; she went to the extent of not allowing them to take an irreversible step.

But now, she realized she underestimated how well Yuguang Ge treated her.

This type of treatment was silent - incredibly attentive yet stifling, like one of the world's incurable poisons. It gradually seeped into her skin and entered her body, coursing through her organs and veins, making her feel helpless in defending herself from it.

Ji Yi didn't know just how long she could withstand this kind of poison and save herself from it.

But she knew clearly that in this very moment, her senses were still there. She had to grit her teeth and be reasonable.

Because between her and Yuguang, there was still He Jichen...


After Ji Yi's foot fully recovered, she followed her original plan of going to Erhai.

She received "He Yuguang"'s messages every day and she replied to them, but she never had the courage to let "He Yuguang" take it any further. This was why she never asked him if he was the one who came to visit her every month while she was in a coma for three years. Of course, she didn't let "He Yuguang" know that she actually had the small lost half of his jade in her hands.

Her holiday flew by, and in the blink of an eye, it was the tenth of January in the lunar calendar, so there was still one week before school started. Ji Yi took a plane back to Beijing.

At home, she ate and slept comfortably for three days, then on the fourteenth of January, which was also February eighteenth in the Gregorian calendar, "He Yuguang" came to Beijing.

Ji Yi and "He Yuguang" had dinner together. Since Ji Yi needed to go back to university the next day, she didn't go back to "He Yuguang"'s apartment but headed straight back home.

"He Yuguang" drove her back. Just before she got out of the car, Ji Yi returned his jade to him.

It was better that she didn't look at the jade because as soon as she did, Ji Yi's mind wandered to how well "He Yuguang" treated her. Even though she tried hard to control herself, when she handed the jade to "He Yuguang," her fingers started to tremble gently.

After she returned home, Ji Yi laid in bed and summoned her strength to force the riveting emotions she felt for "He Yuguang" to settle down.

The next afternoon, Ji Yi ate lunch and returned to the school.