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Chapter 209: The Right to See You (9)

 Chapter 209: The Right to See You (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Even though the situation with Lin Ya was so irritating, Ji Yi still managed to sleep unusually well. When she woke up, it was already eleven in the morning.

She removed the covers, and the first thing she did when she sat up was check her ankle. Her red, swollen ankle seemed to have improved a lot with the applied medicine.

She tried to walk two steps, and though it still hurt, it was better than how it was last night.

It looked like it was just as the orthopedic doctor said last night - she probably only needed to rest at the hotel for a day before she could walk like normal.

Ji Yi went to brush her teeth and freshened up in the bathroom. When she came out, she found her phone on the bed, tapped to unlock it, and saw that "He Yuguang" sent her two replies.

One was a polite "Don't worry," and the other read: "Goodnight."

After she clicked on the message, Ji Yi then saw that he sent the messages at half past four in the morning.

Did Yuguang reply with those messages after waking up at half past four, or was he up all that time, busy with something?

With that thought, Ji Yi's fingers typed a message and she sent it over. "Yuguang Ge, why were you up so late?"

He probably didn't have his phone on him, so Ji Yi waited for some time without receiving a reply. She put down her phone and was just about to grab the landline on her bedside table to request the front desk for breakfast when her phone rang: "Ding!"

Ji Yi glanced over at her glowing phone screen and saw "He Yuguang"'s reply, "Manman, open the door."

Open the door? Open what door?

Ji Yi was stunned for a moment, thinking that "He Yuguang" must've sent the message to the wrong person. Just as she was about to reply with a "?", three loud knocks rang out from the hotel room door: "Dong! Dong! Dong!"

Ji Yi casually asked, "Who is it?" The knocks stopped. With her phone in hand, she hopped over to the door as she unlocked her phone to check He Yuguang's reply.

"Yuguang Ge, did you send the wrong message?" After Ji Yi typed this, she walked over to the door without sending the reply, and she reached her hand out to open the door.

The man standing at the door carried two bags in one hand, and his phone in the other. His head was lowered as he looked at his phone like he was going to type something.

Both his fair wrists were exposed, and aside from a watch on his left hand, he didn't have any accessories on.

Ji Yi instantly froze as she stared at the man before her eyes, like her pressure points had been struck.

When the man heard the sound of the door being opened, he raised his head and silently smiled at the sight of Ji Yi.

The moment Ji Yi saw his smile, she softly moved her lips, seemingly distracted. After being stunned for quite some time, she asked in disbelief and hesitantly said, "Yu-Yuguang Ge?"

He Jichen didn't say anything but kindly smiled at her like usual.

Ji Yi slowly snapped back from the sudden shock of "He Yuguang"'s appearance and said, "Yuguang Ge, why are you here?"

After Ji Yi asked this, she realized just how tired "He Yuguang" looked. The heavy, dark circles under his eyes made it seem like he hadn't slept all night.

She suddenly thought back to the message he sent at half past four in the morning, and an unbelievable thought suddenly crossed her mind: Yuguang Ge, c-couldn't have taken a plane through the night to get to Lijiang, right?!