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Chapter 195: I Wish You Would Be Lost Forever and Come To My Side (5)

 Chapter 195: I Wish You Would Be Lost Forever and Come To My Side (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Could Yuguang Ge have written this?

With that thought, Ji Yi stared earnestly at every single word. With the world "forever," she was certain it was "He Yuguang" who wrote it.

For long period of time when they were younger, her textbook was filled with Yuguang Ge's highlighted key points.

She was very familiar with his handwriting - he always wrote the character for "forever" with one less stroke.

Since the time she was reunited with "He Yuguang" till now, every little thing that happened between them seemed to be projected in slow motion in her mind.

When he heard her mention getting married over the phone, he suggested that they get married.

He would treat her to a meal whenever he was in Beijing.

When she had a fever while filming "Palace," he took care of her all night, and that was how he found out that she was interested in "Three Thousand Lunatics." Without a word, he helped her land a role in it.

Last night, when she felt the most upset, he appeared by her side. His heart ached as he protectively wiped her tears away and hugged her. He cooked for her, and just now, he even told her that he believed in her.

And then there was the card in her hands... Ji Yi couldn't help but grip the card harder.

If she didn't have this card, she definitely wouldn't have those thoughts. Yet this card was here, right before her eyes, making it impossible for her not to speculate. Does He Yuguang like me?

This photo was taken of me when I was younger, so does that mean he's secretly held onto it all these years?

Could it be that during those glorious years of secretly having a crush on him, he also liked me?

As that very thought rushed to Ji Yi's head, she vaguely felt her lifeless heart beat for He Yuguang. Her heart died because of He Jichen four years ago, but now it was gradually coming back to life.

What's more, this kind of throbbing felt even more intense than back in the old days.

Her heart didn't quite feel like it was rising from the ashes, but her heart felt like it was beating all over again for another person.

So strange... Those feelings are all obviously for He Yuguang, but why does it feel so different from before?

Ji Yi crouched on the floor for some time with the photo in her hands. It wasn't until her legs were numb that she snapped to her senses.

She pretended as though she hadn't seen the photo and put it back by the corner of the chair, just as she found it. Then she got up and carried the tray out of the study.

The food was already cold, so she asked the hired helper to heat it up.

Ji Yi was worried because "He Yuguang" didn't look too good when he left the study. When she stood in front of the door to his bedroom, she reached her hand out, ready to knock, when all of a sudden, she remembered the one night stand she had with He Jichen four years ago.

She was no longer the same Ji Yi from back then. She couldn't brazenly have a crush on He Yuguang.

After that night, the two of them were destined to never have a future together...

The only reason she was in a fake marriage with He Yuguang was because she was certain that she didn't like him as strongly as she did when they were young. However, now, everything changed...

Ji Yi's heart became cold for a moment.

She hesitated for a moment but eventually decided to pull her hand back without knocking. SHe turned back into the bedroom.

She quickly gathered her things, and just before she stepped out, she reminded the helper to serve He Yuguang some food when he woke up. She also wanted to let him know that she had some business at the university, so she needed to rush out. With that, she put her shoes on and left "He Yuguang"'s house.