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Chapter 190: The Recording Pen in Her Hands (10)

 Chapter 190: The Recording Pen in Her Hands (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Among those messages were a long thread of reminders for missed calls sent by "10086." There were calls from her mum, Tang Huahua, He Yuguang, Lin Zhengyi, and... He Jichen.

As Ji Yi saw the missed calls, she sent a text to each person to let them know she was safe.

When He Jichen came out of Ji Yi's room, he averted his attention from the news to her. As she looked down at her phone, his eyes couldn't help but fall on her every now and again.

His eyesight had always been very good. Sitting next to her, he could see every word on her phone.

Though he didn't try to chat with her, his gaze intermittently turned back to the scattered words on her phone when he realized that she was replying to everyone who called her the day before.

As he glanced over again, he saw the name "He Jichen" appear on the screen which drew his full attention to her.

She looked down at her phone, so he couldn't see her gaze, but he clearly noticed that her fingers tensed up. She stared at the string of missed calls from him yesterday for about three seconds before she pursed her lips then she deleted all of his missed calls.

Her fingers instinctively wanted to clicked into the texts, but she paused for a moment as though she realized something and exited out of the texts. She opened the chat logs, found his phone number, and put it on her list of blocked numbers.

As she did this, she didn't hesitate in the slightest. In fact, she looked like nothing had happened. The next second, she opened her texts again to see dozens of messages from Lin Zhengyi.

He Jichen had already seen those texts last night, so he wasn't the least bit curious. He averted his peripheral gaze from her and looked straight at the television ahead.

She replied to everyone's missed calls but his. Not only that, but she moved his number into her list of blocked numbers.

After hitting Lin Zhengyi the last time at "China World Hotel Beijing" and bringing her home, she actively came to speak with him the next day.

At the time, he was so thrilled because he thought their relationship had finally improved, but after a few short days, their relationship became even worse than before...

He Jichen thought back to how he incidentally saw Lin Zhengyi's texts and the recording pen last night after she fell asleep. The anxiety in his heart from last night became even more intense.

Beside him, Ji Yi had her head down while she tapped on her phone non-stop, replying to other people's messages.

The gentle sound of "tap tap tap" made He Jichen so devastated and a little suffocated. He was afraid to suddenly lose control, so he put down the remote control, got up, and headed for the study.


Just as Ji Yi was about to finish texting, the hired help cried from the kitchen nearby, "Madam, the food's ready."

Ji Yi responded in affirmation. She finished typing the last few words and got up. She headed to the bathroom to wash her hands then walked into the dining room.

While she ate, Ji Yi noticed that He Yuguang still hadn't come, so she asked out of curiosity, "Yuguang Ge isn't eating?"

"I'll go call him." The helper put down the things in her hands and went to the study.