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Chapter 186: The Recording Pen in Her Hands (6)

 Chapter 186: The Recording Pen in Her Hands (6)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

She wasn't doing anything, so why did she had a recording pen in her hands?

A wave of suspicion came over He Jichen. He wanted to ask, but in the end, he fought the urge. He just furrowed his brows, pretended like he didn't notice anything, and walked out of the bedroom.

He Jichen first brewed some congee. The moment it was on high heat, he went over to the dining room and picked up some brown sugar from the container. He poured the sugar into the hot water and carried it back up into the bedroom.

Ji Yi wasn't asleep yet, but she was sitting upright against the headboard and searching for a charger in her bag.

She heard the sound of the door being pushed open and instinctively looked over at the door. At the same time, He Jichen happened to walk in.

The two of them looked at each other for about three seconds before Ji Yi swiftly lowered her eyes, plugged the phone charger into the wall, and connected it to the phone.

A second later, Ji Yi put her phone down. The next second, He Jichen stopped by the bedside.

Because she had just been crying, her eyes looked as large as peaches. She probably knew she didn't look presentable right now, so she shot him a swift look then lowered her head and quietly said, "Yuguang Ge."

Compared to her crying from earlier, her voice sounded a lot more normal now. She must've felt a lot better.

He Jichen's relaxed considerably as he raised the sweet soup to Ji Yi's face, signaling for her to take it. Then he reached into his pocket and swiftly tapped the screen: "Drink some sweet soup to warm up."

Perhaps it was because He Jichen had devastated her so much yesterday that she stayed here on her own for so long, but now "He Yuguang"'s simple acts of care seemed to easily warm Ji Yi's heart. She held the sweet soup, nodded, and quietly said, "Thank you Yuguang Ge."

The congee was still cooking in the kitchen, so He Jichen didn't stay long in fear of it burning. He grabbed the phone to tell Ji Yi, but just as he was about to leave, he remembered he'd only just boiled the sweet soup, so with a little uneasiness, he typed a few words of warning: "Be careful, it's hot."

Ji Yi saw those words and was stunned for second. When she came to her senses, she noticed he was pointing at the sweet soup in her hands. Her heart quivered as her fingers couldn't help but tightly clutch onto the mug. She shot "He Yuguang" a gentle smile and let out a low, "Mhm."

With the cup in her hand, Ji Yi lowered her head to take a sip.

The sweet warmth ran down her throat and filled her stomach. The warmth soon spread around her entire body.

He Jichen stood by the side of the bed and stared at Ji Yi for a while with her head lowered, drinking the sweet soup before he quietly slipped out of the room.

When he closed the door, his eyes swept over at the woman in the bed. From the corners of his eyes, he stared at the recording pen by her pillow and froze there for two seconds before he closed the door again and went to the kitchen.

When he finished cooking, it was already half past ten.

He Jichen pushed the bedroom door open and was about to call Ji Yi when he realized she was laying on the bed with her eyes shut, fast asleep.

He Jichen hastily stopped the sound from escaping his mouth then quietly walked over to the bedside. He tucked her in a little tighter and was going to head to the kitchen to keep the food warm for when she woke up, but just as he straightened up, she opened her eyes. "Yuguang Ge?"

Did I wake her?

He Jichen furrowed his brows and instinctively reached for the cell phone.

Before he could unlock it, Ji Yi seemed to understand what he meant and said, "I'm a little hungry, so I wasn't completely asleep. I woke up when you pulled the covers over me."