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Chapter 172: A Billion Stars Cant Amount to Her (2)

 Chapter 172: A Billion Stars Can't Amount to Her (2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

"Oh look at me... How could I forget? Mr. He once said: 'Wasn't it disgusting enough to sleep with me?' We did it once four years ago, and that was enough to make Mr. He vomit!"

He Jichen's body froze. Seconds later, he realized those were indeed the words he once said to her.

"Mr. He also said that even if I stood barenaked in front of Mr. He, Mr. He wouldn't be the least bit interested! I was wrong; I shouldn't have overestimated the power of my words and mocked Mr. He..."

As Ji Yi repeatedly said "Mr. He," she fired He Jichen's own words back at him to fatally attack him to the point where he couldn't say a word.

He Jichen felt the ball of fire in his chest could explode at any time. He was afraid he'd lose his senses as he tried his hardest to control himself. However, he couldn't control his feelings in the end; his heart hurt and he had to use an infinite amount of strength to force down the words "Shut your mouth".

Meanwhile, Ji Yi had no intention of stopping, so she kept talking with a beautiful smile on her face. "But don't worry, Mr. He. Mr. He isn't the only benefactor in the world. You may reject me, but there's bound to be someone who will accept me and wants to talk to me. For example..."

Ji Yi tilted her head and appeared to ponder it seriously then she deliberately raised her voice as she enunciated the name one word at a time, "...Lin. Zheng. Yi..."

Those three words were like a live wire, igniting a spark in He Jichen's body.

He couldn't take it any longer and rapidly shifted his hand from her chin to her arm. He forcefully picked her up, and without so much as a second thought, he swung his hand towards her face. Before his hand reached her face, it stopped in midair.

But it paused there for just a second before he waved his hand and chucked her to the sofa beside them.

The sofa was soft, so Ji Yi didn't get hurt, but her head was in disarray for a moment as she fell from He Jichen's sheer force.

Before she could snap back to her senses, she heard a loud "bang!" by her ear.

Her body shuddered in shock as she turned her head to see that He Jichen had kicked the coffee table two meters away.

Her fingertips instinctively grabbed the cushions on the sofa, and just as she wondered whether He Jichen was going to tear her apart, she heard footsteps coming from behind her. Before she could turn her head to look, the hotel room doors were pulled open and slammed shut.

He Jichen left?

Ji Yi was afraid she was hallucinating, so she turned her head and carefully scanned all around the hotel room. When she was certain He Jichen had truly left, she picked up the clothes he tore off her. She was barely able to cover her body before she buried her face into the sofa and started to quietly cry.

Ji Yi's silent tears went on for some time until her eyes were dry and sore and no more tears were left. She finally struggled to climb up from the sofa and grabbed the phone beside her. She called the front desk to give them her measurements and asked them to bring some clothes up for her. Then she swayed over to the bathroom.

Ji Yi stood under the hot shower for a long time before she heard the doorbell ring. She snapped back to her senses, quickly turned the shower off, and wrapped herself in a bathrobe in a panic. She didn't even have time to dry her hair as she ran over to the door.