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Chapter 167: Isnt This How You Like it? (7)

 Chapter 167: Isn't This How You Like it? (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi instinctively reached her hand out and pressed against the back of the driver's seat for support. She waited for herself to regain her balance, then she looked up again to find that the car was already on the road.

He Jichen drove terrifyingly fast. In the back, Ji Yi couldn't see his expression but she could feel how tense the atmosphere was, since even the air in the car became thinner, making it harder for her to breathe.

He Jichen didn't say a word. Seeing him like this, Ji Yi didn't dare to make a sound either.

The silence in the car was frightening.

As Ji Yi thought about where the hell He Jichen was driving her to, the car came to a sudden stop.

Completely unprepared, Ji Yi suddenly hurled forward, hitting her forehead on the back of the car seat.

The piercing pain forced her to crease her brows for a moment, and before she could snap back to her senses, the car door was pulled open. He grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the car.

Before Ji Yi could find her feet, He Jichen had already tossed his keys to the person standing by the car. He silently walked to the revolving doors in front of him while dragging her along.

After this string of He Jichen's actions, Ji Yi had absolutely no idea where she was.

She turned her head and was about to take a good look around her when a well-dressed man came over. He politely handed He Jichen a key card. "Mr. He, the same old room..."

Just like when they stepped out of Yue Yuan, He Jichen didn't wait for anyone to finish speaking and rushed forward. He stepped into the elevator with Ji Yi.

The moment he swiped the card and pressed the floor number, Ji Yi glanced over at the words above the elevators. She realized He Jichen had brought her to the Four Seasons Hotel.

The red numbers on the elevator jumped one after the other until it reached "21". That was when the question popped into Ji Yi's mind: What did He Jichen bring me to a hotel for?

She instinctively turned her head in his direction.

Before she could ask him, the elevator doors opened and He Jichen, who hadn't loosened his tight grip on her arm, sped out with her.

After they followed the carpeted corridors and walked hastily for about ten seconds, He Jichen pulled out his key card. He gently swiped the card at the door, which prompted a "Kacha!" sound. He Jichen pushed the door open and dragged Ji Yi into the room.

As the door automatically closed shut, Ji Yi only realized she had walked into a hotel room with He Jichen when she heard the sound of the door locking behind her. In a horror, she cried, "He..."

She wasn't able to complete her sentence: "He Jichen, why did you take me here?" before He Jichen raised his leg and kicked open the doors into the room.

It was the bathroom... Why is he taking me to the bathroom?

The words in Ji Yi's mouth paused for a moment as she instinctively turned to look at He Jichen. Before her gaze could reach his face, he had thrown her into the bathtub.

The walls of the bathtub were so slippery that she fell into it without any warning at all.

The shooting pain from knocking her hands and feet on the sides of the tub caused Ji Yi to furrow her brows. Just as she was about to stand up, He Jichen grabbed the shower, turned it to the coldest setting and let it rain over her.

The bone-piercing coldness made Ji Yi shiver and sneeze. She instinctively reached her hand out to cover her head as she tried to climb out of the tub.

Just as she managed to sit up and before she could stand up, He Jichen reached his arms out and grabbed her shoulders, pressing her back down into the bathtub.