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Chapter 160: Want to Negotiate Terms with Me? Are You Worthy? (10)

 Chapter 160: Want to Negotiate Terms with Me? Are You Worthy? (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

"Someone said she's clinging onto Lin Zhengyi..."

The secretary only said a few words, but He Jichen's brows furrowed as he interrupted menacingly, "Who's spouting nonsense and making sh*t up?"

The secretary remained quiet for a bit when he heard He Jichen's tone of voice. Then he said weakly, "Mr. He, no one's making up anything. There's video evidence. Someone in the company said that since Ji Yi saw Lin Zhengyi pull his investment for 'Three Thousand Lunatics', she followed Lin Zhengyi to join the production team of 'Dust'..."

The secretary probably sensed He Jichen's bleak mood since his voice got quieter. In the end, he completely lost his voice, and since he was afraid to bring trouble upon himself, he swiftly thought of something and hurriedly added, "Mr. He, if you don't believe me, give our company's WeChat group-"

Before the secretary could finish his sentence off with "a look," He Jichen hung up.

He bit the cigarette as his fingers swiftly opened WeChat. He ignored a string of unread messages, found the company's WeChat group and opened it.

The chat from company staff members came into view.

"I never imagined that the supporting actress for 'Three Thousand Lunatics' was actually that kind of person!"

"Yeah, when I saw her photo, I thought she was pretty innocent, but I never imagined that she would use such tactics to get to the top!"

"Look at the video-she drank herself into that kind of state. What's the difference between her and those hostesses in nightclubs?"

He Jichen furrowed his brows as his eyes revealed a sliver of annoyance. He held it together and didn't erupt in rage as he swiftly scrolled through the messages.

After scrolling for quite some time, He Jichen finally saw the video they mentioned.

It was posted by someone called "Meow meow meow," and there were about five to six videos altogether. He Jichen randomly clicked one open.

He Jichen grabbed the cigarette from his mouth and flicked the ashes into the trash can beside him. Then he turned back to this phone screen.

He hadn't taken a close look before he easily recognized the updo and the exposed curve of the woman with a slender long neck dressed in the red in the video. It was Ji Yi.

She sat around a table full of alcohol, and sitting on her right was Lin Zhengyi-the same man he violently beat up a while back.

In her hand was a glass of wine. She smiled wholeheartedly at the middle-aged man in front of her and drank to him.

The person who secretly filmed this was quite far away, so they couldn't record what they were saying and he didn't know what she said. However, from the video, he saw her clink glasses with the slightly chubby middle-aged man. Then she put the glass to her mouth, tossed her head back and downed the entire glass.

He Jichen's fingers clutching the cigarette suddenly paused and stopped by the corner of his mouth.

His expression instantly turned cold as he stared at the phone screen.

The video wasn't long. It ended quickly.

He Jichen paused for about two seconds before he chose another video and clicked it open.