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Chapter 143: His Story That She Didnt Know About (3)

 Chapter 143: His Story That She Didn't Know About (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi waited until He Jichen's car disppeared before she walked over to the elevators and pressed the button to go up.

He Jichen's apartment was in a classy residential area. Every household had its own elevator, so the elevator doors opened quickly.

Ji Yi had been to He Jichen's home twice now, but she never had the chance to check the place out.

This time, it was just her at his place. She found a pair of slippers at the entrance, stepped inside, and scanned her surroundings.

The apartment was decorated very lavishly and impressively. Just like its owner, the place gave off a grand and elegant feeling.

There wasn't a bedroom on the first floor. Ji Yi first went to the dining room, poured a cup of water, then walked up the stairs.

There were two bedrooms on the second floor and a study. Ji Yi stayed in He Jichen's master bedroom before, so she didn't waste any time and headed straight for that room.

She took a shower and folded up the bathrobe in the ensuite then climbed into bed.

Too many disturbing things happened in one day. Ji Yi laid down for a long while before falling into a deep sleep.


Outside the window of his bedroom, He Jichen leaned against the lamppost and lit a cigarette.

Besides the security guard who made his rounds with a flashlight occasionally, the neighborhood was very quiet and there were no other people around.

He Jichen didn't know just how long he stood there for, but he only looked down when he felt a slight burning sensation on his fingers. Then he saw the cigarette he lit not long ago quietly burning to the very end.

He put out the cigarette in the ashtray on top of the trash can, then he raised his head and glanced up at the second floor.

The lights were just on, but now they were turned off.

She's probably already asleep...

He Jichen wasn't in a hurry to leave, so he lit another cigarette.

The cigarette burned down halfway before his eyes shifted away from the room where she was sleeping.

Without me there, she should be able to sleep well, right?

A hint of sadness clouded He Jichen's eyes. He blinked slightly and put out the cigarette between his fingers then threw the cigarette into the trash can. He made his way over to his car nearby.

He sat in the car while he drafted a text for Zhang Sao to come earlier the next day to make breakfast. After he sent the text, he remembered Ji Yi's ripped clothes and instructed Zhang Sao to go to the mall to buy some clothes as well. Then he put his phone away, stepped on the gas, and slowly drove away.


This time, Ji Yi was in such a deep sleep that she woke up at nine the next morning.

She instinctively reached for her phone, planning to call her favorite clothing store to deliver some new clothes to her. But then she caught a glimpse of a neat pile of clothes on the bedside table.

On top of the pile there was a note: Miss, Sir wanted me to prepare these clothes for you.

Ji Yi instantly knew that Zhang Sao left the note. The "Sir" she referred to was He Jichen... How could he be so meticulous to instruct Zhang Sao to prepare some clothes for me?

Ji Yi stared at the clothes, lost in thought for a while, then she flung off the duvet and headed into the bathroom with the new clothes.

After she freshened up and got dressed, Ji Yi walked out of the bedroom and headed downstairs.

As she was about to reach the living room on the first floor, Ji Yi heard a faint movement from the balcony. She thought it was Zhang Sao, so she made her way over, planning to say hello. Before she could take two steps forward, she heard He Jichen's voice coming from the balcony.

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