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Chapter 139: Defamation is a Form of Flattery (9)

 Chapter 139: Defamation is a Form of Flattery (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

As Lin Zhengyi hit the ground with a "Bang!" Ji Yi instinctively sat up and immediately glanced down at the embarrassed Lin Zhenyi on the floor. Then she turned her head and looked at the person standing by the sofa.

The second she caught a glimpse of the man's handsome face, Ji Yi was left stunned then her eyes fell to the man's wrist.

Under the light, the guy's skin looked unusually fair, making that red string eye-piercingly evident.

He Jichen... Why's he here?

Confusion clouded Ji Yi's mind before she realized something was off with the guy.

She slowly looked up at his face again.

Only then did she realize that he was staring unwaveringly at her. His eyes were frightening like he was going to spit fire.

Ji Yi was so scared that her entire body trembled as she instinctively lowered her eyelids. Then she heard a loud crash-the coffee table in front of her went flying.

The objects on top of the table slid to the ground with successive crashes.

Following that, Ji Yi heard the sound of the man's footsteps leaving.

He's going to leave just like that?

The bewilderment in Ji Yi's mind hadn't settled when she suddenly heard painful cries. She looked up to see that He Jichen had punched Lin Zhengyi square in the face, knocking him to one side.

Just watching the scene, Ji Yi felt the bone-piercing pain herself.

However, He Jichen looked like he wasn't finished. He raised his hand and punched Lin Zhengyi twice. Then when he saw the wine bottle in his hand, he connected that to what he saw when he first entered the room. Without any hesitation, he grabbed him and punched him violently in the face.

Bright red blood trickled down from Lin Zhengyi's head.

After finally realizing who hit him, Lin Zhengyu cried painfully and said, "Mr. He, do you think one woman is worth this? Don't you know I have a collaboration with your company, YC Corp? Though you're the director of "Three Thousand Lunatics," I'm the biggest investor. If I take back my investment, you'll definitely be..."

Lin Zhengyi couldn't even finish his sentence before He Jichen grabbed his collar and yanked him up from the ground. Then he raised his leg and sent him flying.

As she watched He Jichen's frightening fighting form, Ji Yi was left completely stunned when she heard Lin Zhengyi's words.

What did Lin Zhengyi say? Your YC Corp? Director?

Which means... He Jichen owns YC Corp? He's the director for "Three Thousand Lunatics"?

That explained the discrepancy when she saw only two empty seats at the dining table but expected three more guests to arrive. She assumed one of them was busy, so they couldn't make it. In the end, YC Corp's chairman and the director for "Three Thousand Lunatics" was the same person--He Jichen?

Ji Yi hadn't completely digested the implication of all that explosive information when she heard a "Dong!" in front of her.

She trembled all over as her eyes followed the noise. That was when she saw Lin Zhengyi's swollen, bruised face spread out beneath her feet.

She instinctively shrunk her foot back, but then she heard He Jichen's stern and bold voice nearby. It was low but cold: "Apologize!"