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Chapter 137: Defamation is a Form of Flattery (7)

 Chapter 137: Defamation is a Form of Flattery (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Lin Zhengyi didn't wait for the waitress to hand them the drinks menu, but instead, he asked her to bring him one of the bottles of wine he stored there.

The waitress politely replied with a "yes" then left the room. After a while, the waitress brought a bottle of Royal Salute back with her.

Lin Zhengyi didn't allow the waitress to help serve the wine but dismissed her.

When the doors to the party room were shut, Lin Zhengyi held the bottle of wine, poured two glasses and handed Ji Yi a glass. After Ji Yi took the glass, he clinked glasses with her and quickly downed the wine.

Seeing Lin Zhengyi do this, Ji Yi couldn't refuse to give him face, so all she could do was smile, bring the glass to her lips and drink a few gulps of wine.

As Lin Zhengyi poured another full glass for himself, he started to talk about "Three Thousand Lunatics" again.

On his second glass, he didn't forget to point at Ji Yi's glass of wine as if to signal for her to drink too.

At first, Ji Yi really didn't think there was anything wrong. As the bottle of "Royal Salute" emptied little by little, she felt she had to keep her distance from Lin Zhengyi. She started to feel like something wasn't right, and she slowly backed away. When he raised his glass again, wanting to drink with Ji Yi, the topic changed, "Xiao Yi, I've read your profile. It says you're currently studying at B-Film University?"

"Yes, Mr. Lin." As Ji Yi politely replied to Lin Zhengyi, she silently shifted back to create some distance between them.

Lin Zhengyi looked up and emptied his glass again. When he reached his hand out for the bottle, he pretended to have had too much to drink and accidentally fell onto Ji Yi.

Ji Yi instinctively wanted to get up to avoid him, but Lin Zhengyi's reflexes were faster than hers. His hands quickly wrapped around her shoulders, and he put his lips close to her eyes, releasing a strong stench of alcohol. "I also hear many of you girls from B-Film want to become escorts? Is that right?"

When she heard that, Ji Yi finally snapped to her senses. She was too gullible to think that Lin Zhengyi booked a party room just to talk... she never imagined that he'd be like this. Ji Yi used some force to struggle out of Lin Zhengyi's grip. She pretended she hadn't heard what he said and shifted onto her own tangent. "Mr. Lin, if there's nothing else, I'll head back to the production crew."

As she said this, Ji Yi stood up.

Before she could leave, Lin Zhengyi grabbed her wrist so tightly that it didn't seem like he had drunk much at all. "Alright, you don't have to pretend to be all high and mighty with me. I know just what kind of person you are. Are you just faking this to get more from me? Go on, how much do you want? Or, what do you want?"

Annoyance flashed across Ji Yi's eyes as she used all her strength to bat Lin Zhengyi's hand away. Without even bothering to respond, she headed for the door.

Though Lin Zhengyi was already middle-aged and overweight, his reflexes were fast. Ji Yi hadn't taken two steps before he quickly dragged Ji Yi's arm again and forcefully pulled her back onto the sofa.