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Chapter 134: Defamation is a Form of Flattery (4)

 Chapter 134: Defamation is a Form of Flattery (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

So he's in charge of "Three Thousand Lunatics..." He had such a good script for "Three Thousand Lunatics" that she couldn't miss out.

He did it all on purpose. He waited for her to sign the contract then cast the supporting actress...

Her current value was sky-high, and the cost of breaking the contract was terrifyingly high. As soon as the contract was set, she faced a huge sum of compensation, so she couldn't break the contract!

So from the moment she had the script for "Three Thousand Lunatics" in her hands, He Jichen already had a ditch dug for her!

She knew Ji Yi would never give up on returning to the entertainment industry. She also knew that He Jichen couldn't resist helping Ji Yi, but she never imagined that He Jichen would come up with such a plan to help her!

At that thought, a flash of complete disbelief crossed Qian Ge's eyes as she met He Jichen's eyes.

Her reaction told He Jichen that she already understood everything.

Since he reached his objective of sufficiently upsetting her, he didn't need to continue wasting his time with her here!

At that thought, He Jichen let go of Qian Ge's wrist, took a step back, and without even so much as a glance at her, he headed for the elevators.

Qian Ge stared at He Jichen's back. She couldn't help but clench her hand into a fist.

He was right. Ji Yi was born to live a good life because she had him, so she didn't need to do everything she had to do. To make it in the industry and to stand out, she had to socialize with all types of people every day to have everything go her way.

But what about her? She liked him... She always liked him, but he actually helped another woman and he hated her to the bone...

A waft of jealousy and instability instantly shrouded Qian Ge's heart and sent her emotions spiraling. The second He Jichen stepped into the elevator, she suddenly got up and cried, "He Jichen, due to what you did three years ago because of her car accident, you sullied yourself, yet she doesn't even know about it... You say I'm pitiful, but I think maybe you're even more pitiful. No... even sadder..."

With Qian Ge's words, He Jichen didn't react at first. When he heard her final word, his finger over the button to close the elevator doors suddenly paused. Then, he took big strides to stand in front of Qian Ge.

He didn't say anything but grabbed the car keys from her hand, pressed the unlock button and saw the lights of a nearby car light up. A second later, he dragged Qian Ge's arm all the way to the car, pulled open the car doors, and shoved her in.

"If you didn't mention it, I forgot how you worked with Lin Ya to trap her in the abandoned building that day of her audition for 'The Palace,' right?"

Alright then! Today he was going to give her a taste of her own medicine!

"Just to make me even sadder, tonight, why don't I take back what you owe her from that day?"

With that, He Jichen slammed the door of Qian Ge's car hard, pressed the button on the car keys, and locked her in. Then, without even bothering with Qian Ge who was slapping the windows, he mercilessly turned around to leave.

As the elevator reached the door for that night's dinner party, He Jichen was in no hurry to go into the party room, so instead, he handed the restaurant manager Qian Ge's phone and car keys. He ordered him to unlock a car in the underground parking lot in four hours time then leisurely stepped over to the party room doors.

He pushed the door open, scanned the room while ignoring everyone's greetings, but he couldn't find Ji Yi.