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Chapter 132: Defamation is a Form of Flattery (2)

 Chapter 132: Defamation is a Form of Flattery (2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Qian Ge, who hadn't noticed that someone was around, shivered in shock. Her fingers instinctively lost their grip for a second then her phone fell straight to the ground with a "Pa!"

The words "Who's there?" were about to slip from her mouth, but only the word "who" managed to come out. A cold and stern voice came crashing down on her, "What you said just now... was that true?"

Qian Ge could tell who it was from the voice. It was like her pressure points had been pressed as she became completely frozen on the spot.

In the next second, the person forcefully asked, "You told Lin Zhengyi that she was famous among your girls for daring to do anything to get to the top and that she was someone who dared to play any game?"

As those words fell into Qian Ge's ears, her fake eyelashes trembled while she snapped back to reality.

It's him, He Jichen... How did he suddenly turn up here? Also, how did he know I was talking about Mr. Lin, Lin Zhengyi?

The confusion hadn't cleared in Qian Ge's mind. Seeing as she was slow to respond, He Jichen impatiently grabbed her wrist and suddenly swung her aside forcefully.

Qian Ge was like a kite with a broken string. She crashed completely into the car without warning, which prompted the alarm system on the car and a string of ear-piercing whistles.

Through all the noise, Qian Ge clearly heard He Jichen grit his teeth and say one word at a time, becoming increasingly cold and emotionless: "You even told Lin Zhengyi she once slept with three guys at once?"

The more he repeated her words back to her, the angrier he got. Qian Ge clearly felt He Jichen gradually tighten his grip on her wrist.

She furrowed her brows in pain before she slowly lifted her eyes and looked straight at He Jichen.

For some reason, his clothes were formal like he was attending some kind of party. Even though the white shirt and black suit were simple and bold, he looked completely majestic and elegant. However, he looked so bleak that he could leak water. The corners of his lips quickly pursed into a single line, revealing just how angry he was inside.

He towered over Qian Ge and stared her down with a faint hint of spitting flames in his eyes.

Qian Ge only saw He Jichen like this once before. It was three years ago, about a month after the car accident when he suddenly appeared in front of her.

At this very moment, he wasn't as terrifying, bold, or frightening as he was back then.

Maybe she was left scarred from the time he blew up three years ago. Even though he didn't say anything particularly harsh this time, Qian Ge already felt her back drenched in cold sweat.

Just as Qian Ge's legs started to shiver, He Jichen glared unwavering at her. He was deeply furious as he sneered, "Hmph. This is truly the first time I've met such a shameless woman like you! Someone who can slander and backstab without even batting an eyelid!"