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Chapter 131: Defamation is a Form of Flattery (1)

 Chapter 131: Defamation is a Form of Flattery (1)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The first to respond to Qian Ge wasn't actually Ji Yi but the casting director, who looked full of surprise. He stared at Ji Yi, then back at Qian Ge and said, "You guys know each other?"

"Of course we know each other..." Qian Ge spoke first, her meticulously made-up face had the same friendly and kind look. "...Xiao Yi and I were senior high classmates!"

As she said this, Qian Ge tilted her head again and looked over at Ji Yi. "Xiao Yi, long time no see. How have you been all these years?"

They clearly met each other twice before, and each time they fought on equal grounds... Ji Yi stared at Qian Ge with a caring expression. Her heart felt revolted inside, but in front of everyone, she kept up her deep sisterhood act. She couldn't not play along with her, so before Qian Ge could speak, Ji Yi instantly plastered on a bulletproof smile and said, "It's really been a long time. I've been alright, and you?"

"Not bad myself..." Qian Ge saw Ji Yi's smile, and her smile became even brighter. What she said next wasn't directed at Ji Yi but the casting director: "...Xiao Yi is also on our production team?"

"Yes, she's the supporting actress," replied the casting director.

"Director, you really have a good eye. Truth be told, Xiao Yi's acting skills are great!" Qian Ge looked like she was sincerely complimenting Ji Yi as she looked over Ji Yi repeatedly. "Xiao Yi, I'm really happy we can be on the same production team."

Even though Qian Ge acted really modest, Ji Yi clearly felt an infinite number of hidden knives and swords heading straight at her. She curved her lips upward and just like Qian Ge, she lied unblinkingly, "I'm delighted too! At first, I was really nervous about acting poorly, but now that I see you, I feel a lot better."

Qian Ge heard Ji Yi's words and laughed out loud as though she just heard the happiest thing. But soon enough, she changed the subject and started talking with the producer.

The final empty seat was at the head of the table. The seat hadn't been filled even after half an hour into the dinner party.

Qian Ge skillfully and easily made her way chatting around the room then stepped out to take a call. After she came back, she whispered something to the investment company's Mr. Lin, who was sitting next to her. Then she raised a glass to everyone in the room and apologized before leaving the room early.


As soon as Qian Ge left the party room, her little smiling face instantly turned incredibly cold. She stomped her heels over to the elevator and headed straight for the underground parking lot.

When she got out of the elevator, she saw that the parking lot was empty, so she immediately reached for her phone and dialed a number in a hurry.

A second after the call was picked up, Qian Ge said, "Xie Siyao, what the hell is this? When I took on "Three Thousand Lunatics,, did you not check in advance to see who the supporting actress was?"

"Who's the supporting actress? It's Ji Yi?! It's not like you don't know just how powerful she was four years ago! Back then, we tried so hard to beat her down! Luckily, my reflexes were fast tonight. After I found out she was the supporting actress, I immediately thought of a plan. I told the old pervert, Mr. Lin, that the girls who knew Ji Yi said she's famous for doing anything to reach the top, and she was someone who dared to play any kind of game! I even told the old pervert that Ji Yi slept with three men at once before. I bet the old pervert will definitely hit on her after hearing that, and with Ji Yi's personality, she'd never allow it. When the time comes, that old pervert will turn embarrassment into anger and definitely kick her off the production..."

Before the word "crew" could leave Qian Ge's lips, someone suddenly viciously grabbed the phone from her very hands.