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Chapter 130: Im a Simple Man!

 Chapter 130: I'm a Simple Man!

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A classic peach-shaped face with a high nose, a pair of sparkling black eyes, and peach-like lips... The lady who came out of nowhere had the face of a celebrity. And below that was a tall and slender body with two well toned thighs that would put many leg models to shame, as well as a round and perky bum that was as distracting as it was captivating, and a perfect waist with no excess flab. If there was anything imperfect about her, that would be her top. Being only somewhere between A or B, her cup size was the one flaw about her otherwise perfect figure. But even so, the three other men were all still captivated by her good looks.

Chen however, was still sober. "Mind if I ask who you are? You look familiar, but I don't think we've met."

The girl smiled and replied him with her sweet voice: "Sure you know me. I'm Murong Xiaoyao!"

"Murong Xiaoyao?" Chen startled, his mind full of questions. This girl is not only the second most beautiful girl in Green Vine University, she's also the daughter of the King of Green Vine City's underworld, Murong Tian! What is she doing here, looking for him in the middle of the night?

"Yep, I'm THAT Murong Xiaoyao. Can I have a word with you in private?" The girl said, with a sinister smile befitting the demeanor of an underworld princess.

"Sure..." Chen nodded and followed Murong Xiaoyao.

"Girls come looking for him even when it's this late, Bro Bei is really something..." the three older men watched with envious eyes as Chen and the girl left.

Chen followed Xiaoyao to a secluded part along the river bank.

"Miss Murong, let's just talk here. It's getting late and I'd like to sleep soon."

"Pssst, aren't you a little daft? You have a beautiful girl like me taking a walk with you, and you're complaining about sleep? I have no idea what those three girls see in you." Xiaoyao sneered.

"Which three girls?" Chen asked.

"Lan Mengchen, Wenyuan, and Lin Xiang." Xiaoyao shrugged and spoke in an indifferent manner. "Help me understand this: You're obviously three timing them, and they still want to be with you? Did you drug them or something?"

"Hehe, that's probably because they've good great taste in men! I'm a so good looking, people just fall in love with me and flowers bloom around me all the time! If they don't want me then something's wrong!" Chen boasted.

"Blarrgh! Can't your face get any thicker?" Xiaoyao rolled her eyes. "But to be honest, to seduce three women at once is not easy!"

"No no no, I'm actually just a simple guy. My life can easily be summed up with one word: Handsome. See? Isn't that simple?" Chen smirked.

"Blarggh..." Xiaoyao did a throw-up expression and continued, "I'm here to discuss something serious with you, not to listen to your crap!"

"Hoho, I remember asking someone to get to the point, but she said that I was daft or something. Don't you remember?" Chen snorted.

"I..." Xiaoyao turned red. Then continued in an irritated tone, "I'm here today to make you do three things for me!"

"Oh, my... We just met! Why the f*ck should I agree to do three things for you?" Chen was laughing.

"That's because... I know many of your secrets. And if you don't agree, I can get you into a lot of trouble!" Xiaoyao replied with a straight face.

"My secrets? Have you been snooping around on me?" Chen's face hardened, a hint of anxiety in his words.

"That's right! But I didn't just learn about you, I even stalked you!" she nodded without fear. She then smiled wickedly and said, "I'll cut to the chase: I've been observing you for a while now, and I even learned a thing or two about you. Watch this." As he said that, she played a video on her phone for Chen. Chen's saw what was playing on the small screen and his heart raced and throat went dry- It was a recording of his fight with Killer Bee! A video of how a sword came out of his palm and went through Killer Bee's cranium! His biggest secret! If this went viral, he could not even imagine the consequences!

But even with something big like this happening to him, Chen instantly calmed himself down. His mental fortitude was strong enough to handle the shock and allow him to think properly in situations like that. He quickly tried to snatch the phone.

"You don't have to do that. If you want my phone, you can have it. Here." Xiaoyao did not dodge or flinch, but handed the phone over to Chen. "I've already duplicated the recording many times over. Even if you get the phone or kill me here, it's no use. If something happens to me, the video will go public!" She said with a smile.

Chen's expression darkened when he heard her. He still had one Heavenly Dog Biscuit in his treasure chest, and if he could feed it to her, this problem will go away!


[Cultivation: Pinnacle physical stage, Defense: 3000, Combat power: 3000!]

"What the f*ck! She really is Murong Tian's daughter! Her combat power is crazy!"

Chen was taken aback. If he made a move, he would definitely be at the losing end of the fight.

"Hehe, Chen Xiaobei, stop wasting time. Your only hope is to agree to my three wishes, and if I'm happy, this recording will never be known to anyone else except us both. Not even my father!" Xiaoyao said with a smile.

"Speak. What do you want?" Chen had no other choice but to play along with her and wait for another opportunity.

"First, I want you to become my lackey. Be prepared to answer my call anytime, 24 hours a day, and show up as soon as I ask you to!" Xiaoyao spoke in a commanding manner.

"Lackey... Fine! I agree..." Chen replied. He was very pissed. "Just wait, you bitch! I'll find a way to feed you that Dog Biscuit and let you know who's the real lackey!" he thought.

"Second, bring Wenyuan's green jade safety pendant to me." She continued.

"What safety pendant? She never said anything about that to me before." Chen was having a headache. Wenyuan was already dead, how the hell was he supposed to know where the safety pendant was?