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Chapter 129: An Uninvited Guest!

 Chapter 129: An Uninvited Guest!

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"Chief Liu... What do you mean? Come on we've been bros for ages..." Dongfang Hong smiled as he offered a cigarette to the station chief.

"Who's your bro? Better watch your words!" Liu brushed him aside and said in a serious tone, "Today's operation is a crackdown on vice, gambling, and drug related activities! Either cooperate with our investigation or spend time in a cell down at the station!"

"What..." Dongfang Hong was taken aback by the Police Chief's reaction. "Fine, we will cooperate. Just let me make a call first."

"Why? So that you can inform your other joints? It's too late! All of your Black Tiger Gang businesses are already under investigation even as we speak! If we find even a thread of evidence in any one of them, we will freeze operations and lock everyone in there up!" Liu exclaimed.

"What? A total lockdown investigation? Freezing my business and arresting my men?" Dongfang Hong's face turned pale. He then pulled Liu to a corner and whispered, "Chief, please don't scare me like this, what's going on? Isn't this kind of large scale operation an order from the higher ups?"

"Hoho, looks like you've got some smarts. Yes, this is an order from way up above me. You pissed the wrong people off, better start praying!" Quanfu replied in a cold tone.

"I... I pissed the wrong people off?" Dongfang Hong's expression hardened as he tried very hard to figure out just which god or demon did he anger to instigate such an investigation. All of the Black Tiger's businesses were just fronts or shell companies that hid all sorts of illegal activities under the table. If they really looked into all of them, that would be the end of his source of income. To be a gang boss, two things are needed: Money and members. But once the money stopped coming in, the members would leave, and the gang would dissolve.

"Chief... Chief Liu... This is a matter of life and death! Can you please give me a way out of this? As long as I can get through this, I'll call you elder brother... I'll even call you my father!" Dongfang Hong kept bowing his head repeatedly at Quanfu.

"Cough cough!" Quanfu lifted his hand and gestured with his finger. Dongfang Hong instantly caught on to his intentions and took out a bank card from his wallet. "There's 3 million cash in this, the passcode is six sixes... If it's not enough, I'll send you more into this account..."

"Hohoho, smart choice, so I'll give you a chance then." Quanfu smiled. "Your gang should lay low, and stay out of trouble for now. And stop all your under-table activities!"

"What?" Dongfang Hong was dissatisfied with Quanfu's terms. There was no way for him to get his men to surround Pegasus Bar if he was supposed to lay low at then? By shutting down all his illegal activities, that was more than half of the gang's revenue gone! These two terms were really too harsh! But he had no choice but to endure. If he chose not to oblige, who knew what the mysterious person would do to him next? He could probably destroy the whole gang if he wanted to! Dongfang Hong could only grit his teeth and swallow his pride. "Don't worry Chief Liu, I will heed your advice. It will be done!"

"Good! Now play along with the investigation. I'll take my leave." Quanfu placed the bank card into his pocket and turned to leave.

"Wait, chief, may I know just who is it that I have angered?" Dongfang Yangwei asked in a shaky voice.

"Hoho, can't help you with that. I can't even talk about him without permission from my bosses. You'll have to guess." Quanfu said without turning back, leaving Dongfang Hong bewildered in the corner. Even if he racked his brains, he would never figure that the super mysterious and powerful person... Was having barbeque on the banks of Green Vine River, revealing his earth shattering plans.


"Bro Bei, I'm here!" Quanfu arrived in plain clothes and sat down on an empty chair at the table with Chen. Jing Fei and Grim Reaper were already seated with him. After sending Lin Nan home, the three of them had met up here for some barbecue.

"How'd it go?" Chen handed him a bottle of beer and asked.

"How else could it go? Bro Bei, your plan was flawless! I went in there and threw my weight around a little, and Dongfang Hong was already shaking in his pants! The best part is, I was just messing around with him and he even gave me money!" Quanfu laughed as he took out Dongfang Hong's bank card and handed it to Chen. Grim Reaper was dumbstruck. He would never have expected that someone with such high authority and influence like the station chief would address Chen as Bro Bei!

"Are you surprised?" Chen noticed Fire Boss' surprise. "You know why five hundred Black Tiger Gang members didn't come looking for us when we leveled their bar? That's because Quanfu was helping us out behind the scenes. He's my little brother. Jing Fei too." His words were simple, but came like a storm at Fire Boss. He had seen how strong Jing Fei was when they were fighting earlier, and the idea that both these two powerful men were Chen's underlings was beyond his imagination!

"Bro... What do you mean?" Fire Boss' brain was about to fry from all that shock.

"I've been wanting to ask you this: Do you want in? You're a very righteous man, so I want to nurture you."

"Nurture?" Fire Boss was taken aback, but he quickly nodded in agreement. "Yes, big brother! I'm willing to go under your leadership. Ask anything of me!"

"Take this card, gather more men, and raise your strength. I will call you when I need you soon." Chen passed the card to Fire Boss.

"No problem, big brother! I won't let you down!" Fire Boss held the card in his hands like a holy relic, resolve, and gratitude visible in his eyes.

"Good! With you guys, I will have friends in the underworld, the law, and the business world! From now on, you three are part of my golden triangle, and I will build my empire around you three!" Chen smirked and continued, "Soon I will rise to the top of the pyramid of power! I want the people who looked down on me to bow down before me and call me big brother! And I want my enemies to regret ever crossing me!"

"Well said big brother! Let's drink!" The three little brothers raised their bottles together.

"Hohoho! That was a good speech! I'd also like to drink to that!" Just then, an uninvited guest came from behind Chen. It was a very beautiful lady!