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Chapter 128: All Under Control!

 Chapter 128: All Under Control!

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"Alright, I'm with you bro!" Fire Boss did not hesitate. "When Dabiao tore my bar up, it was you who saved us, bro. And if you didn't, I wouldn't be here today! Just say the word, and I'll even face a mountain of blades or even a sea of fire for you, bro! No questions asked!"

"What? That's the guy who took care of the Dabiao incident?"

"This young man defeated Shi Kelang? Unbelievable..."

"If that's true, then maybe he did take care of Pegasus! So strong and so young, that's amazing!"

Not all of Fire Boss's gang members knew Chen, but now all of them were looking at him with awe and respect.

"Who are you calling young man? Call him Bro Bei!" Fire Boss was annoyed. "Bro Bei is my big bro, you guys better treat him with respect. More respect than for me!"

"Bro Bei... Bro Bei..." The gang hurriedly bowed respectively to Chen.

"Enough talk! Let's do this!" Chen waved, and together with Jing Fei and Fire Boss in the lead, the gang busted their way into the bar.




In just a few moments, a symphony of destruction could be heard coming from inside the bar, followed shortly after by the screams and shouts of people. Soon, customers were pouring out of the bar trying to get away from the gang fight.

The strongest fighters in the bar have all been taken out by Chen, so Jing Fei, being the strongest present, was like a god of war, brandishing his metal bat like an executioner's axe, putting down whoever that resisted. Fire Boss and his gang, with their strength in numbers, became the demolition crew and demolished everything they could in the bar.

"Bro! Tagging along with you is too much fun!" said Lin Nan while he watched the others work on the bar. His blood boiling with excitement.

"Haha, but as exciting as it is, please don't tell you sis about this, or she will definitely think that I'm a bad influence!" Chen warned.

"Chill, don't worry about that. But bro, can we really leave in one piece? The Black Tiger Gang won't just let us off like this. It's just a matter of time before their 500 members nearby surround us!" Lin Nan said with a worried expression.

"Hoho, that's what I made the third call for. Chill, after this, I'll send you home safely." Chen simply smiled. Everything was under his control.

Meanwhile on the other side of the city...

In a luxurious private room on the third floor of the Tiger's Roar Gentlemen's Club, the big boss of the Black Tiger Gang, Dongfang Hong, was going about his business as usual: surrounded by beautiful women, drinking away to wine and song, enjoying the liberties of being a gang boss. His arms wrapped around two ladies to his left and right while another two, clad only in bikinis behind him was massaging his shoulders, while another, in black lacy underwear, was on her knees right before him, "pleasing" him. As they said, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, seeing Dongfang Hong, it was not surprising that his son Dongfang Yangwei was lecherous as hell.

Suddenly, the room doors opened and a muscular thug came rushing into the room.

"What the f*ck! Didn't I say not to interrupt me when I'm enjoying myself? Get lost!" Dongfang Hong was annoyed.

"Boss! Something... Something big happened!" The musclehead said pantingly.

"Whatever it is can wait until I'm done. Now f*ck off!" Dongfang Hong snapped. "Get out of my sight before I feed you to the fishes in Green Vine River!"

Musclehead cowered but did not back out. He decided to get to the point and said, "Pegasus' Bar was attacked!"

"What? Why didn't you say so earlier?" Dongfang Hong's face changed instantly. With a kick, he sent the girl in black lace to the side. Her face started swelling up from being kicked, but she held the pain in and left the room quietly. The other girls caught on and left as well.

"What the f*ck happened? Which asshole has the balls to attack one of our bars?" Dongfang Hong asked in an angry tone. His eyes were bloodshot and there was a murderous gleam in them. Pegasus Bar was one of the gang's most profitable business in the city, and Pegasus paid him big dividends every year. To him, that bar being attacked is as bad as him losing a piece of himself.

"It's a small time gangster, called Fire Boss from West City... He brought 30 men with him... He's the one who attacked Pegasus bar!" said musclehead.

"Fire Boss? Where the f*ck did this guy come from? I've never even heard about him! And he dares attack the bar with only 30 men? Where the f*ck is Pegasus? Is he busy f*cking a hoe somewhere or what?" Dongfang Hong asked angrily.

"General Pegasus... Was... Beat up..."

"What do you mean? Pegasus may be the weakest of the Four Generals, but he's definitely not someone a nobody from nowhere can beat up just like that!" Dongfang Hong was bewildered.

"The info came from the bar, it is verified..." Musclehead gulped before he continued, "And... Young Master was also... Beaten up in the bar as well..."

"What? Did you just say that Yangwei was beaten up? How is he now?" Dongfang Hong was furious! He kept gnashing his teeth like a lion preparing to bite musclehead's head off.

"The young master and General Pegasus... someone pummeled their... Dicks..." Musclehead's voice was shaking.

"Pummel? What do you mean? Are they still functional?" Dongfang Hong's expression became worried instead.

"They say that it's... Already caved inside his body... And it's not usable anymore..." Musclehead answered while lowering his head.

"Motherf*cker! This is too much!" Dongfang Hong was angry beyond description. He kicked a marble table next to him and broke it into pieces. Yangwei was his only son, now that his penis was gone... Whoever did it had cut off his bloodline!

"Round up everyone in West City and tell them to surround the bar now. Don't let any of those bastards escape! And get a car ready, I'm going there right now to personally meet the guy who did this to my son and tear him apart!" Dongfang Hong barked his orders. He was exuding an aura of dominance and vicious will that could send shivers up one's back. Being the boss of the Black Tiger Gang for so long, he was not someone to be trifled with.

"Police! This is a spot check! Everyone, up against the wall and show me your ID!" As soon as he was about to make a move, policemen came in and surrounded them.

"What... a police spot check at a time like this? This can't be a coincidence!" Dongfang Hong's face contorted as he became disgruntled by the sudden intrusion. But as unsatisfied as he was, he still did not dare fight cops openly. Even if he was the Boss of a very big gang, he still had to be wary around the country's laws and judiciary

"Officer, I'm a friend of your chief's. Can you let us go?" Dongfang Hong asked with a smile.

"Nope!" Just then, a stern voice came from the room entrance. Green Vine Police Department Chief, Liu Quanfu stepped in!