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Chapter 127: I Dont Like The Name!

 Chapter 127: I Don't Like The Name!

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"How's that possible?" Lin Nan sighed. "Pegasus broke me in more than ten places all over... I'm crippled for life, bro!"

"Well, since it's come to this, I'll be very honest with you," Chen said in a cheerful manner. "I'm secretly a super Chinese doctor!"

"Bro, I know you're trying to cheer me up, but let's face it, my body is beyond repair..." Lin Nan did not believe him. He then gritted his teeth and said, "But bro, I need a favor from you... If you can, please tear this joint down for me... Pegasus that bastard, he gave me a job and took me in so that he can try to have me poison you!"

Chen simply smiled and said, "Trust me, I'm really a doctor. We'll tear this place down together after I fix you up!"

"Se... Seriously?" Lin Nan was bewildered.

"Yeah, sure! Just hold on for a bit, I'll be right back." Chen hid in the toilet and returned with ten bottles of Hundred Herbs from his phone. "Here! Drink these first, and I'll need you to bear the pain for a bit, this is gonna hurt." He gave one bottle to Lin Nan and held his knee with both hands.

Using knowledge that he had obtained from the "Medicine King's Journal", Chen could already figure out the problem after feeling the injury with his fingers. As soon as he figured out how to set the bones, his both hands pulled and twisted Lin Nan's knee at the same time.


"Aaa... Huh?"

With a loud crack, Lin Nan's bones had been set back to its original position, and the Hundred Herbs began to heal the injured part and dispel his pain. Lin Nan, who was about to scream out stopped when he suddenly felt the pain miraculously disappear.

"This is great! My knee! It's fixed! My god! Bro... You really... Are you really a super traditional doctor?"

"Yep! I'll have you know that your bro, me, knows a lot more than this!" Chen replied with a smile. He then placed his hand on Lin Nan's shoulder.


And just like that, his shoulder became as good as new.

At this point, Lin Nan no longer doubted Chen's claims and his admiration for his brother in law grew exponentially. "Bro! You're too awesome!"




With Chen's medical knowledge coupled with the miraculous healing powers of the Hundred Herbs, all of Lin Nan's injuries were healed in just a short few minutes. Lin Nan couldn't help feeling wonder and awe for Chen, like he was a god among men.

Pegasus was enviously watching all this while still on the ground in pain. All he really wanted to do now was to beg Chen to help him treat his destroyed penis. But he knew that was impossible. He had pissed the wrong guy off, and he had to be an eunuch for the rest of his life!

"Bro... I have no idea how else to praise you! But if I'm a girl... I'll definitely want to marry you!" Lin Nan playfully said. He could barely hold his happiness in. Just moments ago he was very sure that he would be a cripple for the rest of his life. But now, he was happily dancing around Chen!

"Stop that! I'm not gay!" Chen rolled his eyes. He then took out his phone and made three calls.

"Bro, let's bounce before their gang members gather, or it'll be hard to escape!" Lin Nan said worriedly.

"Kid, didn't you just say that you want to tear this place down? Now I'm calling some friends over, or we'll both take forever to bring this bar to the ground!"

"Bro I was saying that out of spite. This bar is Black Tiger Gang's, we can't do that!" Lin Nan was nervous. "They've got five hundred members in West City alone and more around the whole of Green Vine, this bar's been here for so long, and nobody has ever had the balls to come and mess around with them. If we do that, it'll be declaring war with the whole gang!"

"Well, I already castrated and turned Yangwei into a retard. Do you think that their boss will just let me off peacefully?" Chen laughed. "Today, I'm going to level this bar to the ground and if they want to come at me, let them come! Piss me off again and I'll f*ck them all up!"

"Shit bro, that shit's badass! You're totally a badass motherf*cker! Fine! I'm with you. Let's put them in the dirt!" Lin Nan's fighting spirit was elevated by Chen's words, and he was already itching for some action.

"Let's warm up with Pegasus, there's more to come later." Chen shrugged and handed him a liquor bottle.

"Revenge! That's just what I need!" Lin Nan took the bottle and smiled as he made his way towards Pegasus.

"Lin Nan... Brother Lin... Don't hurt me... Please..." Pegasus begged in a shaky voice. Given his strength, he could have easily put Lin Nan down easily, and wouldn't have to even beg on any other day. But with his dick disintegrated and himself in immense pain, he could barely muster the strength he needed to fight back. He was like a fish out of the water and on the chopping board, ready to be gutted.

"Don't hurt you? Seriously? You tried to force me to poison my brother-in-law! And when I refused, you broke every bone in my body! And you dare ask me not to hurt you? You think I'm an idiot?" Lin Nan brought the bottle down on Pegasus' head and smashed it open. He then went into a frenzy and continued hitting and kicking the West General with everything he has. After ten or so minutes of continuous assault, Pegasus' face was a bulging bloody mess and he was foaming at the mouth.

"F*ck, that felt good. that felt really good!" Lin Nan was much more relaxed after blowing off steam.

"Come, let's go outside. My friends are here." Chen waved at Lin Nan to signal him to follow. Chen had made three calls earlier. First to Jing Fei, second to the Fire Boss. Jing Fei came in a tracksuit and a metal baseball bat. Fire Boss showed up with all thirty of his underlings, all ready to fight.

"Bro, which bar do you want us to demolish?" Jing Fei asked eagerly.

"This one. Pegasus Bar." Chen pointed.

"But why bro?" Fire Boss was a gangster himself, and knew of the bar's history.

"Why? Hmmm..." Chen thought and said, "Because... I don't like the name. It's too tacky it's making me cringe."

As soon as he said that, Fire Boss's gang members looked at him with mixed expressions. You want to level Pegasus Bar just because the name is too tacky? Are you serious?

"Bro... Maybe you don't know yet, but this is bar belongs to Pegasus of the Black Tiger Gang, and he's one of the strongest fighters in West City... If we really go at it, we might not be able to get out of this in one piece." Fire Boss anxiously said.

"Pegasus my ass! Bro already took good care of him!" Lin Nan said proudly while rubbing his chin.

"What did you say? Are you serious?" Fire Boss's gang couldn't believe their ears. Most of them had never met Chen before, but they did know how strong Pegasus was. To them, Chen was just a nobody, and him beating Pegasus was hard to believe.

"Enough talk. Are you with me or not?" Chen asked impatiently.