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Chapter 126: Change Your Name To Dongfang Bubai!

 Chapter 126: Change Your Name To Dongfang Bubai!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


[Cultivation level: Later phase of physical stage, Health: 1500, Combat Power: 1500!]

Chen used the Netherspirit Battlescouter and was surprised to find that Pegasus was stronger than him. "No wonder he's a general of the Black Tiger Gang. Looks like he's not all talk!" he thought.

"Die, you piece of shit! You can't escape Pegasus' hands!" Yangwei shouted. "And don't you worry about Xiang Xiang. I'll take good care of her... On the bed, the sofa, the balcony... Anywhere, everywhere, in every position! Hahaha..."

Chen's rage was now beyond reconciliation. They said that even a dragon has a soft spot, and whoever who touches it must die! On top of kidnapping Lin Nan and cockblocking him, Yangwei had also poked at his soft spot! Chen's face became a deep shade of red and his malice-filled eyes were glaring at Yangwei, like an enraged wild beast that was about to tear him up into pieces.

Yangwei smiled when he saw Chen's intense glare, he knew that his words had struck a chord, somewhere inside of him. But even though he knew that Chen is stronger than him and can tear him apart easily, he wasn't afraid. He had Pegasus with him, so why should he be? The title of the Western General of the Black Tiger Gang was not simply given to any ordinary man. Over the past few years under his leadership, Pegasus had helped destroy many other strong enemies that have threatened the gang, many of these enemies being very strong fighters themselves. Yangwei did not think that Chen could stand up against Pegasus.

"Yangwei, after tonight, you will have to change your name," Chen said in an icy tone.

"My name? Why would I change my name? My name is awesome! I had a fortune teller do a reading for me and he said that himself! Do you want to change my name? Ha! Just who you think you are?" Yangwei snorted.

"You don't believe me? I'm about to change your name to Dongfang Bubai!" Chen replied indifferently.

"Drop dead dipshit! Don't even think about touching the young master while I'm still standing!" Pegasus said sternly.

"So you're who he calls General Pegasus right?" Chen turned and faced him.

"Hmph! That's right!" Pegasus arrogantly replied. And as soon as he finished his sentence, Chen had let out a very fast kick.


With a dull sound, the proud Western General of the Black Tiger Gang was curled up on the ground in a fetal position, holding his groin. Sweat and popping veins covered his red face which was contorted from the intense pain. Pegasus looked like he was both constipated and choking, and could not even bring himself to scream out in pain.

Yep. That was the Nutbuster. With a combat power of 1000, Chen's kick had a force of 400 catties behind it. By using Wei Xiaobao's ultimate killer move, it had ignored all of Pegasus's defense and struck him right where it mattered. The outcome? scrambled eggs.

"Sssssss..." A shiver crept up Yangwei's back as he sucked in a mouthful of air and unconsciously clamped his legs tightly. "How could you do that to another man?"

"Well if I didn't, how am I supposed to call you Dongfang Bubai?" Chen simply shrugged and started walking towards Yangwei.

"No... Don't come any closer..." Yangwei's face instantly turned pale. If a powerful fighter like Pegasus could easily be done in with a kick like that, how about him? He only had a defense power of 300. If Chen were to kick him there, wouldn't it drive his dick inwards? Wait, would that make him a woman?

"I already said that you're changing your name after tonight, and I am a man of my word!" Chen slowly walked towards him.

"General... General Pegasus... Help me... Please..." Yangwei was already retreating to a corner of the room while shielding his balls with his hands.

"Uuuugghhh... Young master... Please call 911... I don't think I can make it..." Pegasus said in a shrill and hoarse voice. He was still in pain on the floor, forget helping Yangwei, he needs help!

Wei Xiaobao was no conman after all, that was a one-hit-kill! In just one kick, it totally disarmed the enemies and took away their fighting power! Even if they were enemies who were stronger than Chen, like Pegasus! No wonder it was a three-star martial art skill!

"Chen Xiaobei... Bro... Boss... I'm sorry... I'm begging you... Please let me go..." Yangwei's voice was shivering, his lips trembling and pale.

"Hey, don't blame me, blame your own sorry ass for talking too much! You can have anyone but you want to have my girl? Anywhere? Everywhere? Every position? I'm going to castrate you right now!" Chen's reply was cold, but carried a great sense of ferocity behind each word. After saying that, Chen was already in range and without further delay, he kicked at Yangwei's groin.



Another dull sound, and Chen's kick found its target. The force of the kick sent Yangwei floating up into the air like a space monkey, and he hit the ceiling hard before crashing face down onto the floor.

"Ah.. .Aww... Owww..." Yangwei's voice was a shrill falsetto. His hands were still grabbing onto whatever that was left in his pants, blood flowing from it. Dongfang Yangwei had officially lost his manhood.

A small package of black powder fell out of his pocket and was picked up by Chen. He took a sniff and instantly knew what it was. After reading the whole "Compendium of Meteria Medica", he instantly deduced that the powder was a type of poison that destroys brain cells when ingested, mentally crippling the person.

"You son of a bitch! You wanted to poison me with this?" Chen exclaimed while looking at Yangwei who was still on the ground. Poisoning a human being and making them mentally incapacitated for life was far worse than murder.

"No... Of course not... Why would I do that to you?" Yangwei shakily replied. He was still in pain, but now much paler than before, as a bigger fear washed over him.

"Not for me? Then it must be for you!" Chen knelt over Yangwei and forced his mouth open. He then emptied the contents of the package into his mouth, and made sure Yangwei downed everything by pouring liquor down his throat.

"Cough cough cough..." Yangwei almost choked from that, but Chen had made sure that the contents of the package had gone down his throat and into his stomach. His body suddenly convulsed and his pupils dilated as his breathing became ragged. A few moments later, Yangwei rolled his eyes back as drool and snot kept flowing uncontrollably.

Chen did not care much for what that was happening to him and turned his attention to Lin Nan. He carried the poor man and laid him on a couch.

"Bro, I'm so useless... I wanted to work and make money to do nice things for sis and you... But now I'm already like this... I'm just a burden to you both... I'm so sorry..." Lin Nan was biting his pain down. Even though his body was in a great deal of pain, his heart ached more thinking about how much his sis and Chen has done for him and how he wouldn't be able to return their kindness or help them anymore.

"Hey, don't worry. As long as I'm here, I'll have you up and walking in no time again! I got this!" Chen's eyes flashed.

Translator's footnote

1. Dongfang Bubai () is a fictional character in Jin Yong's martial arts novel Xiao Ao Jiang Hu () who has a male follower who acts and dresses in a rather feminine manner compared to other males in the story setting.