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Chapter 125: Attack on Pegasus Bar

 Chapter 125: Attack on Pegasus Bar

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Chen had already entered the bar and was searching for Lin Nan in the private boxes. He had already reached the corridor just outside room 626 when some thugs in service uniforms stopped him. "Sorry sir, this area is off limits, but if you need anything, just ask us." a bearded man in the group said in a very courteous tone. His eyes however, was sizing Chen up with a look of contempt.

"I'm looking for Lin Nan. Can you help me with that?" Chen spat. He was already in a bad mood when he entered the bar.

"Hohoho..." The bearded thug chuckled. "You must be a student. Here's a piece of advice: Study hard, and mind your own business."

"Lin Nan is my brother, so that makes this my business! So either you step aside, or be prepared for the consequences!" Chen responded.

"Consequences? Hahaha... This is the first time someone ever talked to me about consequences in this bar!" Beardy laughed. His colleagues were also laughing at Chen's words.

"I suppose that means that nobody has ever slapped you in this bar as well?" Chen coldly said.

"What did you just say?" Beardy was laughing hard. "You want to slap me? Hahahaha... That's the dumbest joke I've heard in my life!"


Chen did not want to waste anymore time and gave beardy one hard slap right across the face. The huge thug who weighed about 180 pounds was sent flying back and crashed face first into the wall. "Owww..." His face was a bulging red mess with broken teeth and blood flowing from his mouth. Beardy's eyes rolled back, and he went out cold.

"This kid is strong! He sent the supervisor flying with just one slap..." After witnessing that, the other thugs were all rooted with shock. No one dared move a muscle.

"What's going on here?" Just then, a muscular man with thick eyebrows walked towards them. His eyes locked on to Chen.

"Brother Cola! Brother Cola! The supervisor got done in by this kid!" Seeing the man coming, the other thugs became alert and quickly explained the situation to him.

"Young man, we're running a business here. If you're looking for a drink and a good time, you welcome here. Even if you are looking for trouble, you're also welcome here. But you better be very sure about that," Cola said in a serious and threatening tone. Saying that Chen was welcomed even if he was looking for trouble showed just how confident Cola was with his abilities. His confidence also came from the fact that this bar was backed by the Black Tiger Gang, and since its opening many years ago, nobody had ever dared to tired anything funny. Chen was definitely the first, and the last.

"I don't care what happens! I'm here to see Lin Nan and whoever tries to stop me will end up like him!" Chen said with a chill in his voice while pointing at the unconscious Beardy on the floor.

"You're looking for Lin Nan? Are you... Chen Xiaobei?" Cola asked.

"You know me?"

"Haha! Young Master Dongfang is looking for you! How nice of you to show up yourself! I'm going to bring you in myself and take all the credit!" Cola exclaimed while his lips curled into a vicious smile.

"Yangwei's looking for me? You mean... He's the one who has Lin Nan?" Chen became more infuriated than he already was, the bright flame of anger burned his heart.

"You fool! Young Master has already placed a three hundred thousand yuan bounty on your head! General Pegasus came up with a plan to lure you here in order to snuff you out! But since you met me already, looks like the general won't be the one to kill you. I'll put you into the ground myself! Right here, right now!" Cola was very confident that this was his lucky day and ran his mouth off, revealing the whole plan to Chen.

"You want to kill me? Ok! Here's your one chance to do that!" Chen quickly made his move. As he dashed down the corridor, the other thugs tried to pull a surprise attack on him. But Chen caught their arms mid attack one by one and twisted them off their joints. One by one, the thugs fell onto the floor, howling in pain.

"Looks like you got some skills kid. No wonder the Young Master is having trouble taking care of you!" Cola merely smiled. He did not pay much heed to Chen's agility. "Don't say I didn't warn you! I am way stronger than the Young Master himself! I'm the champion of the city's underground fighting tournament! If you come quietly, you can spare yourself a lot of pain and trouble..."


Before he could even finish, Chen was already in front of him, and had punched him square in the chest. It was a punch without any technique, and without holding anything back. Just brute strength. Before Cola could even realize what was going on, he was already hit and was sent flying seven-eight meters back, crashing into a huge vase and snapping his neck. He no longer moved.

"Ptui! A weakling like you can become the city's champion? Then, I'm the champion of the universe!" Chen spat, and continued moving forward. There were still other thugs in the corridor, but they were all too terrified to do anything. They propped their backs against the wall tightly and opened up a path for Chen. No one dared to even breathe, let alone make a move.


Upon reaching the end of the corridor, Chen kicked door number 626 wide open. What he saw inside the room drove his anger up to the point of exploding. He was like a violent volcano, ready to erupt!

"Bro... You... Why did you come..."

In one corner of the room was a badly beaten Lin Nan. His face was swollen beyond recognition, there were blood stains around his mouth, his eyes looked almost lifeless, as if he could pass out at any moment. What was more horrifying was that his limbs were all in awkward shapes and angles, and hanging lifelessly from his body. All of his joints have been dislocated and not even his fingers were spared! Seeing that scene, a murderous intent welled up within Chen's gut. "Who did this?!"

"I'm here, you blind son of a bitch!" Yangwei stood up from his couch with a smug look on his face. "I tried so damn hard to find you and couldn't, but you just walked right into a trap? You must really have a screw loose in your head you dumb f*ck! Pegasus, take care of this kid!"

"No problem!" Pegasus got up and slowly swaggered towards Chen. He stopped about a meter away from him and smiled. "Hmph! I thought he was some badass motherf*cker, but he's just a pretty boy!" he scoffed. "Don't worry, I'll put him in the dirt for you, Young Master!"

"Wait! Don't kill him yet! That'll be too easy on him!" Yangwei suddenly said. "Just cripple him first, then let's feed him the drugs! It wasn't easy to get them, and I want him to suffer a fate far worse than death!"

"Sure! Beating up a piece of shit like him is child's play for me, you decide how you want this to end, young master!" Pegasus confidently said while thumping his chest.