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Chapter 124: Lin Nan the Real Man!

 Chapter 124: Lin Nan the Real Man!

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"Pick it up... It might be important..." Chen said with a pained expression.

"Oh... Then... Please wait for me..." Lin nodded and went out of the room.

As he lay on the bed and watched her fair and flawless back making its exit from the room, Chen started feeling less annoyed. "Good things don't come easy. Just wait for her to get back, then we can pick up where we left off. Hehe..." he thought.

However, Lin returned to the room with a panicked expression. "My brother is in trouble!" She was hastily putting on clothes and seemed about to go out.

"Whoa, slow down, tell me, what's going on?" Chen asked with a serious expression on his face.

"He found work at a nightclub recently. The call just now was by his colleague from his phone. He said that Nan pissed someone off, and is now being held at the club." She replied nervously. "Whoever it is, to be able to hold someone at a club like this is definitely not someone simple, he must be in serious trouble." Lin was turning pale as she spoke. Her brother did not receive proper education, and did not have any skills, so becoming a waiter at a nightclub seemed like a good choice. Until this happened... to Lin, this was a really devastating situation.

"Just tell me which night club it is. You stay home and let me handle this." Chen said in a serious tone.

"They say that he's at the Pegasus Bar... Chen, you must bring him home... Please..." Lin was aware that she won't be of any help even if she went. So she could only place her hopes and faith in Chen.

"Silly, your little brother is my little brother too. It's okay, I'll bring him home!" Chen assured her. A glint of determination was visible in his eyes. He knew that the two siblings only had each other in the world, and if anything bad should happen to her younger brother, she would be devastated. This matter must be resolved nicely.

"Please be careful. Whoever it is, they're definitely not normal people to be messing around with. I don't want anything bad to happen to him, and I don't want anything bad to happen to you either!" Lin said anxiously while biting her lips.

"Don't worry it'll be fine. Hey, I'm pretty strong, you know?" Chen assured her and lightly pinched her cheek.

After putting his clothes back on, he speedily drove to the Pegasus Bar. "Just wait until I find out the blind fool who's holding Nan! I'm going to make sure he has a "good time" for ruining my day!" Chen's irritation was rising as he made his way there. He was already so close to becoming a real man! And then this happened. A total cock block. He's not going to let this go easily!

Meanwhile, in Pegasus Bar, private room number 626...

"Hwaaa..." A man with horse tattoos all over his arms was holding up a bottle of whiskey. "Punk! I asked you something nicely and you treat me like a fool by playing dumb? Do you really think I'm an idiot?" the man shouted angrily as he emptied the bottle over Ling Nan's head.

"Brother Pegasus, there must be a mistake... I really don't know this Chen Xiaobei that you're asking me about..." Lin Nan replied while gritting his teeth as whiskey covered his hair, face, and even went in his nose. As much as the alcohol stung, he did not back away or waver.


Pegasus slapped him right across the face. "Still playing dumb! You think I'm a three year old?"

"I really don't know who is Chen Xiaobei..." Lin Nan's face was already swelling up, a red palm mark visible on his face. But, he did not give in.

"God! Do you have shit for brains? Just who is Chen Xiaobei to you? You dad? Why are you so loyal to him?" Pegasus sneered. "Look. All you have to do, is find a way to make him take this small pack of drugs, and then you'll become young master Dongfang's brother-in-law! Even I will have to be nice to you! This kind of opportunity doesn't come twice!"

On a sofa in the same room, Dongfang Yangwei was seated with both feet up with a strained smile on his lips. "Ling Nan, you are a smart man. Just do me this one favor, and I will treat both you and your sis very well!"

"I would really to help you young master, but... I don't know Chen Xiaobei, how am I supposed to help you?" Ling Nan retorted while rubbing his stinging face.

"You bloody idiot! Just because the young master is being nice, you think you can talk back like that? You got a deathwish or something?" Pegasus yelled and kicked him in the gut. Ling Nan fell on his back. "You have a good looking face kid. Shame if I have to beat it in... Last chance, if you change your mind now, then everything will be okay."

"You... Stop. I'm warning you..." Lin Nan said as he sat up on the floor. He was hugging his stomach at where Pegasus had kicked him, his face white like a ghost.

"Oooo! What are you going to do about it? You are nobody! you think you can threaten us?" Pegasus laughed and picked up another bottle of liquor on the table and poured it on Lin Nan's head.

Lin Nan finally understood that his life is in danger. "HELP! HELP! SOMEONE PLEASE... HE'S GOING TO KILL ME!" Ling Nan screamed as loudly as he could.

"Stupid!" Pegasus rolled his eyes. "You are in my bar! I rule all 18 streets around this neighborhood! You can scream all you want all day long and still nobody saves you! I am the Black Tiger Gang's Western General Pegasus! Don't you forget that!" The Black Tiger Gang, being the third strongest underground organization in Green Vine, had four generals. Each one of them was powerful martial artists in their own right. Even though Pegasus was the weakest of the four, he was still strong enough to control a considerably large territory in the west city. That just proved how powerful and terrifying the Black Tiger Gang was.

"I don't know who you are... And I have no idea who this Chen Xiaobei who you keep bringing up is... Even if you kill me right now, I still have no idea..." Lin Nan had realized that his screams were not helping. Despite fearing for his life, he was still not giving in to their demands. After what he went through with Chen, he considered him as important and as close to him as how Ling Xiang was. So, even if he was about to be beaten to death right here, right now, he would never betray Chen Xiaobei!

"Ho ho, you really are a tough one. But I wonder which is tougher: you, or your bones? Why don't I pick every bone in your body apart, and then let's see how tough you are!" Pegasus said coldly before raising his foot and bringing it down hard on Lin Nan's knee!


The loud sound of bones cracking resounded through the room as Pegasus's foot stomped onto his knee. A sharp pain shot out immediately from the dislocated bones and sent him screaming in pain. Sweat covered Ling Nan's forehead as his whole body shook from the pain. "Sis and bro have been protecting me all this while... Today... It's time to return the favor!" Lin Nan thought of this while in the immense pain. "I swear that I, Lin Nan, will become a real man! Just like my brother-in-law!"

"Still no? Let's see how long you hold up!" Pegasus knelt and placed his hand on his shoulder.


Pegasus pressed on Ling Nan's shoulder joint and forcefully dislocated it.

"Arrrgghhh... Arrrgghhhh!!!" Lin Nan's pitiful cries continued on non-stop for a very long time. But even though Pegasus tortured him again and again, he did not give in to their demands at all. Tonight, amidst all the screams and the pain, Lin Nan was a real man!