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Chapter 112: Youre Not Worthy Enough For Me To Do Such a Thing (2)

 Chapter 112: You're Not Worthy Enough For Me To Do Such a Thing (2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi furrowed her brows slightly. Before she could figure out if it was a hallucination, there was a loud "Bang!" suddenly from the back door of the classroom.

"Ba-donk" Ji Yi's heart jumped in shock, causing her to instinctively turn her head and look over at the door in the back.

The old door was hit by something as dust scattered down.

The door swayed, but before it stabilized, she heard another ear-splitting "Bang!"

Coincidentally, Ji Yi stared at the back door when it was still whole, then she caught sight of the door after it crashed to the ground a second after.

Then Ji Yi saw a black leather shoe standing on the cracked door.

So, someone really did turn up... Just when she felt the most helpless and desperate.

Ji Yi felt her defeated heart start to pound little-by-little and come back to life.

She suppressed the pounding in her heart as her eyes were drawn to the leather shoes that moved slowly across the floor. The two long slender legs, a white shirt, the fine collarbone through his open shirt, and the perfect jaw... Ji Yi's eyes stopped for a moment before she continued to look up to see the image of a familiar and shockingly beautiful face.

Out of years of habit, her eyes were immediately drawn to the man's wrist, and that's when she saw the red string. Her fingers instinctively curled, and an indescribable sense of discomfort came over her.

It's He Jichen... but h-how did he know I was here?

Astonishment surfaced in Ji Yi's mind, and before it could settle, He Jichen was already standing in front of her.

The man tightly pursed his lips and his face looked frighteningly bleak. He stared at her bound hands and feet for less than a second before he crouched down and started to untie the ropes.

By doing so, he was particularly close to her.

Ji Yi incidentally saw the fair shade of He Jichen's neck with beads of sweat trickling down into his shirt.

She was stunned for a moment before she turned her head to look at his lowered face. She didn't know what exactly he had gone through to reach her, but deep in the middle of winter, he was drenched in sweat. There were even a few strands of hair covered in sweat that fully covered his forehead.

The classroom was very silent as neither of them spoke.

He Jichen flung the untied ropes from Ji Yi's legs aside and removed the tape from Ji Yi's mouth. Then he unbound the ropes from her wrists.

Before his fingers touched her wrists, his eyes were drawn to their redness. That was when he realized that the skin around her wrists was rubbed clean off and was dripping endlessly with blood.

He came all the way to Beijing to be by her side, put her in plain sight where he could see her just to protect her, yet she still managed to get hurt in the end...

He Jichen's fingers shivered gently as his eyes became colder than before.