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Chapter 107: How About You Choose to Marry Me? (7)

 Chapter 107: How About You Choose to Marry Me? (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

My role as Little Nine is at risk again... At that thought, Ji Yi's expression suddenly froze.

Which person in the entire world was afraid that she'd get the part of Little Nine? Qian Ge ...

The two young men had clearly been waiting for her. There were so many routes through campus, but how were they so sure that she'd take the route past the old, abandoned classroom block?

Someone must've secretly gotten advance notice. What's more, that person must've been someone who knew her well.

But Qian Ge and I stopped keeping in contact three years ago, so that person must be... With that line of thought, Ji Yi's mind instantly thought back to Lin Ya, who suddenly came back to stay at the dorms. A coldness surfaced on her face.

So, as it turned out, the reason why she was trapped there at this very moment, was because it was all set up by Qian Ge and Lin Ya. Their aim was to deliberately sabotage her chances of getting the role of Little Nine, that role she tried so hard to get!

At that thought, Ji Yi scanned her surroundings. The classroom window faced the college gates, so nobody would ever walk past. Even if she tried to run over to the window and call for help, the other floor was a corridor and the door was locked from the outside. What's more, the block had been abandoned for many years, so people wouldn't normally pass by...

She had to admit their plan was meticulous and merciless. As soon as they made their move, they clearly weren't going to allow her any chances to escape!

Ji Yi's lips pursed.

Their calculations were on point, but she'd never easily admit defeat, even though she was currently in a hopeless situation.

If she didn't fight, her road ahead would truly be tragic. As long as she didn't give up, there would always be a sliver of hope!

Since she couldn't cry for help, she could only rely on herself!

Ji Yi glanced down at her bound hands, and without any hesitation, she started to wear down the ropes on the chair.

Her wrists hurt as the thick rope rubbed up and down, her fair skin started to peel and blood poured out, but she didn't stop at all. Instead, she gritted her teeth, endured the pain, and kept trying to break through the rope.


In the past two months, although He Jichen had been staying on the set of "The Palace," he knew Ji Yi's every movement because of Tang Huahua.

At nine in the evening on the day before Ji Yi was to go on set, he received Tang Huahua's text.

"He Xuezhang... There are no classes today, so Xiao Yi stayed in the dorm. She went to sleep before nine, and it seems like she set her alarm for five in the morning. She said she had to rush to the set early in the morning."

If there was no traffic, it'd take about an hour by car to get from B-Film to the set.

In the early mornings, traffic was unbelievably smooth in Beijing. If Ji Yi left at around five in the morning, she should've reached the set at half-past six at the very latest.