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Chapter 105: How About You Choose to Marry Me? (5)

 Chapter 105: How About You Choose to Marry Me? (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

At that thought, He Jichen slowly reached his hand out and let it fall on the marriage certificate with the two names "He Jichen, Ji Yi". His fingers repeatedly stroked their names.

He finally married the woman he loved deeply... under the guise of the man she loved.

Even though he was the only one who knew about this marriage and even though he knew they'd eventually have to get a divorce...

... their names were bound together under the protection of the law.

The corners of He Jichen's lips gently curved into a tender smile, but his eyes were filled with a thick, inscrutable sense of sadness.


Ji Yi contacted Director Liang's assistant, Xu Yi, the very night she received the marriage certificate.

Without beating around the bush, Ji Yi laid her cards out to Xu Yi over the phone and asked him who had heard the rumor of her once having an abortion.

Xu Yi wasn't surprised she knew the reason why Director Liang suddenly stopped her audition, and he simply asked, "The abortion thing was real?"

Ji Yi didn't hide it but calmly admitted it. Over the phone, Xu Yi was left stunned. Then Ji Yi explained that she didn't actually get a voluntary abortion in the past, but it was due to an ectopic pregnancy. She also told Xu Yi that she was already married. To authenticate her story, she also sent him a photo of her marriage certificate.

Ji Yi's audition that day was perfect. Now that she was married, it extinguished the threat of the whole abortion rumor; things turned out just as she'd told Qian Ge back at the film studio. Not long after Xu Yi got off the phone with Ji Yi, he called her back to tell her that he passed the story on to Director Liang, who booked her for the role of "Little Nine"!

Even though "Little Nine" wasn't the main character, when Ji Yi heard Xu Yi's response, she still let out a huge sigh of relief. After coming out of a three-year-long coma, waiting for so long, and getting married to He Yuguang, her many sacrifices weren't all for nothing. Now, she could finally take the first step to success.

"Little Nine" barely had any scenes. There were so few, in fact, that Ji Yi only needed two days of shooting, so before shooting her part, she was able to stay at school, studying earnestly.

With four years between her and He Yuguang, who spoke freely together when they were young, they had now become a little distant. Even though they were now a legally married couple, they seldom talked to each other. After their marriage, the only time they saw each other was a month after they received their marriage certificate. He Yuguang gave her a set of keys and told her that he got a home ready for the two of them in Beijing.

What was strange was, even though Ji Yi never really took the initiative to find out anything about He Jichen, she more or less still heard rumors about him or bumped into him at school before. However, after getting married to He Yuguang, He Jichen seemed to have disappeared from B-Film entiriely-there was never any news about him.

In the blink of an eye, Director Liang's new movie "The Palace" had already been shooting for two months. It was time for Ji Yi's character, "Little Nine," to make an appearance on set.