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Chapter 103: How About You Choose to Marry Me? (3)

 Chapter 103: How About You Choose to Marry Me? (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

That night, Ji Yi arrived at the Four Seasons Hotel on time. With the hotel staff escorting her, she headed up to the second floor.

As soon as she entered the cafe, she saw "He Yuguang" sitting in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows. Just like four years ago, he wore a warm smile when he saw her.

After she took a seat, He Yuguang pushed the menu in front of Ji Yi. She knew He Yuguang was signaling for her to place an order. She didn't hold back and flipped through the menu. She glanced through it once then ordered a cup of Blue Mountain Coffee.

After the waiter left, Ji Yi addressed He Yuguang like an old friend she hadn't seen for many years. "Yuguang Ge, how have you been all these years?"

He Yuguang gave a nod and picked up the phone on the table. With two taps, he slid the phone in front of her: "Pretty good. And you?"

"I'm not too bad," replied Ji Yi with a smile.

He Yuguang smiled then grabbed the phone and tapped it a few times, "I heard from Jichen that after you woke up, you went back to study at B-Film?"

When Ji Yi saw that He Yugugang had finished typing, she was just about to reply when the phone in her bag started to ring. She apologized for the disturbance. After He Yuguang nodded, she reached for her phone and took the call.

It was the match-making company calling. After yesterday's blind date ended poorly, they found a new match for her so they were asking if she was free this weekend.

Ji Yi replied "alright," hung up the phone, then turned her attention back to He Yuguang. "Yeah, I hadn't finished studying college before the crash, so I had to come back. And you? Yuguang Ge? What have you been busy with all these years?"

He Yuguang typed: "Busy helping the family."

Ji Yi considered He Yuguang's poor health and asked, "How's your health? Alright?"

He Yuguang nodded but didn't type anything. After a while, he looked like he had a sudden thought then tapped the phone: "Xiao Yi, are you going on blind dates?"

After he handed it over for Ji Yi to see, He Yuguang seemed to realize he was overstepping, so he grabbed the phone back and added a line: "I happened to overhear when you were on the phone."

Ji Yi understood and gave He Yuguang a "Mm."

"What happened? Why are you suddenly thinking about getting married?"

Ji Yi didn't want to tell He Yuguang about the awful things that happened in her life, so she replied vaguely, "I got into some trouble where I can only get out of it by getting married."

He Yuguang sensed that Ji Yi didn't want to talk about it, so he didn't ask any more questions. He stared out of the window like he was deep in thought. After a while, his fingertips quickly tapped the phone.

After about three minutes, He Yuguang then pushed the phone in front of Ji Yi: "If, Manman, you're not marrying for love but you're doing it just to get out of some trouble, how about you marry me instead? Manman, you know my health is bad and I'm not suitable to get married, but my family really wants to marry me off. Seeing as we're both in need of a marriage partner, Manman, consider me. We're like-minded people..."