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Chapter 92: A Hundred "Sorry"s (2)

 Chapter 92: A Hundred "Sorry"s (2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

It was Chinese Valentine's day. At five in the afternoon, Ji Yi ran over to He Jichen, who was sleeping on his desk. "Hey, let me tell you something."

No one in the school but Ji Yi dared to interrupt He Jichen when he was sleeping. He Jichen had a serious anger problem with being woken up, but when Ji Yi woke him up, he wasn't the least bit angry. He opened his eyes wide and asked, "What's up?"

"Come to the grove behind the school tonight."

That simple line made He Jichen's heart skip two beats. He spent a lot of effort trying to calm himself as he let out an "Oh."

At his reply, Ji Yi turned around to leave with her ponytail bouncing behind her in a pretty, confident swing.

He Jichen didn't go to the self-study session in the evening. Instead, he took Fatty with him to skip class and head to the mall. He bought a brand new outfit, went to the hair salon for a new look, and ran over to the grove with time to spare.

It wasn't until ten in the evening when a certain someone casually arrived, but it wasn't Ji Yi. It was her friend Qian Ge.

So, in the afternoon, she was helping Qian Ge ask me to meet her at the grove?

Do you know how painful it is for the woman you love to set you up with another woman?

No matter what Ji Yi did, he could endure it, but this? There was no way he could take it. His face turned frighteningly cold. He didn't even glance at Qian Ge, who had dressed up just for him, before leaving straight away.

Outside the grove, he bumped into Ji Yi.

Seeing how quickly he left, Ji Yi asked, "Why are you leaving so soon?"

It would've been better if she hadn't asked. All of a sudden, a fire lit up inside him and without thinking it over, he spat the words out at Ji Yi, "Are you crazy?!"

With that, he strode off straight away without giving Ji Yi a further glance.

The day after marked the first time in a while that they didn't walk home together after school.

Afterwards, there was a long, long time when he didn't bother with Ji Yi, even when he bumped into her in his house or at school.

Yet, he ordered Fatty to continue doing what he always did-buy her breakfast, get her hot water, clean up, and wipe the blackboard for her...

Their fall-out lasted until September. One day, it was raining heavily and she forgot to bring an umbrella. She pitifully took shelter under the roof of a small shop opposite the school.

He Jichen, Fatty and the gang brushed past her with an umbrella each in their hands.

Actually, he noticed her earlier but pretended not to have seen her. Then, Fatty came up beside him and said, "Chen Ge, look at Saozi 1 , aye..."

He Jichen stared straight ahead with a cold look on his face and kept walking, but every now and then, his line of sight drifted over to her. It rained in the fall in Beijing, and this season was particularly cold. She wore a short sleeve top, so she shivered endlessly. Seeing this, He Jichen's heart softened little by little amidst her cold shivers. He suddenly stopped walking, turned around, and took large steps to her as he held out an umbrella.