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Chapter 90: How Have You Been? Lets Not Lie (10)

 Chapter 90: How Have You Been? Let's Not Lie (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

That was the first time He Jichen and Ji Yi walked home together after knowing each other for over two years.

He Yuguang caught wind of the incident of He Jichen grabbing Sun Zheng and forcing him down on the sports field to apologize to Ji Yi, so just as He Jichen and Ji Yi entered the residential area, they saw He Yuguang waiting for them at the door.

Ji Yi, who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with He Jichen, sped up and reached He Yuguang first. Her voice sounded crisp as she cried out, "Yuguang Gege."

He Yuguang smiled at Ji Yi and reached his hand out to take her backpack, then he looked over at He Jichen. He didn't write anything on his whiteboard but pointed at the house behind him.

He Jichen understood his older brother meant for him to go inside, so he nodded slightly. He took two big steps forward and grabbed Ji Yi's bag from He Yuguang. "Bro, let me."

He Yuguang didn't resist.

He Jichen swung Ji Yi's bag onto his back and took two steps forward. When he was certain the two of them couldn't see his expression, his lips finally broke into a smile because he got to help Ji Yi with her bag. Yet, since his smile was so wide, a cold shiver came over him and he grimaced in pain from the cut on his face from fighting Sun Zhang's guys earlier that afternoon. He pushed open the door and strutted in with two backpacks on his back while the other two followed behind him. Just as he walked in and changed into his slippers, he caught a glimpse of her pink backpack from the corner of his eyes and he smiled again.

That night, He Yuguang helped He Jichen with his wound while Ji Yi helped.

That afternoon, He Jichen went to look for Sun Zhang on his own, but there were five to six people next to Sun Zhang. He took on several of them on his own, and although he won gloriously, he was pretty beaten down.

He Yuguang's heart ached at the sight of him as he helped He Jichen apply some medicine. He couldn't help but write the words "Does it hurt?" on his whiteboard.

At the time, He Jichen was young and foolish. In front of the girl he loved, he only wanted to act like a hero. Even if it hurt, he didn't want to show a single sign of it, so when He Jichen heard what He Yuguang said, he forcefully repressed the pain by digging his fingers into his thigh and replied in the most relaxed voice and shook his head, "Nope."

It was ten in the evening when they finished applying the medicine on He Jichen.

Ji Yi's grandma was downstairs talking with the twins' mother. She had come over to urge her to go home to sleep.

When Ji Yi packed her bag and went downstairs, He Yuguang wrote something for He Jichen, "Jichen, thank you."

That morning, He Jichen had received a text from He Yuguang about Sun Zhang harassing Ji Yi. He knew what He Yuguang was thanking him for. He Jichen wanted to see Ji Yi off, but because He Yuguang was next to him, he said, "Bro, what are you saying? You're my brother. You asked me for help, so how could I not?"

He Yuguang wore a smile, lowered his head, and wrote on his whiteboard, "Then, please take good care of Manman in school."