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Chapter 85: How Have You Been? Lets Not Lie (5)

 Chapter 85: How Have You Been? Let's Not Lie (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Fatty had known He Jichen since elementary school. When He Jichen "established himself" during the first year of middle school, Fatty was always unwaveringly loyal by his side.

After all these years, Fatty had never seen He Jichen treat a woman this well. Oh, correction, he's never looked a woman in the eyes.

Ji Yi was the first, and Fatty knew she would be the last.

No matter how many years passed, if someone asked how a man should treat a woman, Fatty would think of the way Chen Ge treated Ji Yi. He had never seen a man so devoted to a woman in his life.

Fatty thought it was enough for He Jichen to get all the guys to protect Ji Yi to "put on a show" for her at the Happy Internet Cafe. Later, he learned this was just the start.

A week passed after the incident with Sun Zhang. From the first year of middle school, no one had ever seen He Jichen read a textbook, write essays or take his studies seriously like he did now.

As He Jichen's desk mate, Fatty thought He Jichen was just doing everything for show, but after weeks passed and He Jichen scored in the top one hundred on the mid-term exam, Fatty realized Chen Ge wasn't playing. He was serious.

Fatty asked He Jichen, "Chen Ge, now that you're Yizhong's Laoda, are you trying to fit in with all of Yizhong's nerds?"

As He Jichen flipped through his math book, he flatly replied Fatty with a "No."

No? Then why are you studying so hard? Before Fatty could ask, He Jichen said, "I want to help someone."

"Help someone? Help who?"

He Jichen didn't answer.

At the time, Fatty didn't know any better. He didn't understand that everything He Jichen did was for the woman "Ji Yi", so he kept pestering He Jichen. He Jichen eventually smacked the back of Fatty's head with the book to make him shut his mouth.

He Jichen was smart. When he took his studies seriously, his scores skyrocketed. At the end-of-term exam, he managed to make it into the top twenty of his year, compared to Ji Yi's fifth place.

After the first term of their first year of high school ended, everybody was on winter break. When Chinese New Year was over, everyone welcomed the second term of school.

After starting school again, besides focusing on his studies, He Jichen took it upon himself to study the key points of every subject.

Fatty felt that He Jichen was going overboard, so he mumbled to himself, "You already know everything, Chen Ge. Why are you tormenting yourself over these key points? Are you trying to help me? I can study everything about picking up girls, but I can't study for school..."

He Jichen looked unfazed as he continued to read the textbook and highlight important points, but his mind pondered what Fatty said.

Who am I tormenting myself over these key points for? Do I need to ask? The person I want to help is Ji Yi...

It was the first year of high school. The only reason he did this was because when he came back home one day, he accidentally overheard Ji Yi complain to He Yuguang, "Yuguang gege, I think senior high's curriculum is so hard..."