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Chapter 84: How Have You Been? Lets Not Lie (4)

 Chapter 84: How Have You Been? Let's Not Lie (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Sun Zhang climbed up from the floor and staggered to the stairway. However, he hadn't even taken two steps when all of a sudden, He Jichen reached his hand out to grab the back of Sun Zhang's collar and pulled him closer. "I don't care if you touch Yizhong girls, but the girl you just touched downstairs-she's mine. I'm warning you, stay away from her! If I see you try anything with her, I'll cripple you!"

Sun Zhang frantically nodded with a flushed face and repeatedly said "yes."

He Jichen let go of Sun Zhang's collar in disgust like he'd seen enough of his face for a lifetime. He then waved his hands to signal him to get lost.

Sun Zhang didn't dare stay any longer, nor did he want to stay. He walked around Fatty and scampered down the stairs.

After all that fuss with Sun Zhang, He Jichen lost the mood to continue gaming. He sat back in his chair and smoked one cigarette after another, quickly finishing off an entire pack. He turned his head and glanced downstairs. Ji Yi and her two friends were still there with all sorts of guys sitting around them. Some were smoking, so every now and then, she furrowed her brows, coughed and covered her nose.

He Jichen also furrowed his brows. He looked away and swept his eyes around the group of noisy people around him playing games. Suddenly, he reached his hand out and slapped the computer desk twice.

The entire second floor fell silent. Everyone removed their headphones, and one after the other, they turned to look at He Jichen.

He Jichen flicked the cigarette ashes away and pointed at Ji Yi's back. "Each and every one of you sitting here-go downstairs. You see that girl? Besides her and her friends, tell everyone else to get lost!"

After hearing He Jichen's orders, the group of people immediately got up.

"Also, when you're down there, don't come back up. After kicking those guys out, sit in a circle around her!" If his people sat around her as protection, there wouldn't be any other pests bothering her like Sun Zhang.

"But Chen Ge, we reserved the second floor..." whined someone with a cigarette in his mouth. Before he could finish, He Jichen shot him a violent stare and he immediately changed his tone. "Yes yes yes, Chen Ge, don't worry. We'll be downstairs."

He Jichen then saw a few of them exhale clouds of smoke. He furrowed his brows, pointed at them, and spoke again, "Also, put out your cigarettes. Nobody is allowed to smoke next to her!"

After seeing each cigarette get put out, He Jichen finally looked satisfied. He gave a slight nod as a signal for them to leave. As they made their way downstairs, he added, "Treat her with a little respect!"

From that day onwards, there was an unspoken rule among He Jichen's people: as soon as Ji Yi turned up at the Happy Internet Cafe, they immediately made the people sitting around her move and they completely surrounded her like a barricade of human shields. Even though the gang didn't know Ji Yi personally, if she accidentally looked at one of them, they had to smile. As long as Ji Yi was around, none of them smoked. Even if the urge came, they knew better and went outside to smoke.

At the time, He Jichen and Ji Yi weren't familiar with one another, and when they were in each other's presence, they barely said anything. However, He Jichen's people all knew she was a treasured woman in Chen Ge's heart. At Sucheng Yizhong, Chen Ge wasn't number one any longer-Ji Yi was the true number one.