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Chapter 79: Missing the Days When We Were Young (9)

 Chapter 79: Missing the Days When We Were Young (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

I don't want to get married, yet I think that's all I can do...

He Jichen suddenly remembered what she said to Qian Ge in the afternoon at the film studio, "Qian Ge. You're wrong. It's easy to escape your trap-as long as I get married..."

He Jichen's footsteps suddenly came to a stop.

Just to get out of Qian Ge's trap, is she really prepared to get married?

"But I really didn't want to get married..." After a while, the disordered Ji Yi spoke again incoherently.

He Jichen snapped back to his senses and continued to walk with a calm expression on his face. He kept walking steadily to his car.

"Don't want to get married, don't want to get married..." she repeated those words over and over again, with a more assured tone of voice. "...I don't want to get married a single bit..."

All of a sudden, a gust of breeze brought in a bone-cutting chill that caused her to shiver. Her mumbling voice cracked, but He Jichen still heard what she said. "... I've had someone I want to marry for many years now. Since many years ago, I've had..."

He Jichen suddenly stopped walking. The next second, he silently walked over to the car with Ji Yi on his back, pulled the car door open and carefully helped her get inside.

With the dim yellow light from the lamppost, He Jichen stared at Ji Yi for a while then closed the door. He walked to the front of the car and sat inside.

It was silent in the car. The woman sitting in the back wouldn't stop repeating the same sentence over and over.

He Jichen stared at the road ahead calmly.

It was early evening, and all the lights just turned on. Outside the car, the multicoloured neon lights shone endlessly over his handsome complexion and revealed his tightened jaw.

He Jichen didn't take her back to his house like he had when she had stomach pains. Instead, he brought her to the Four Seasons hotel near the school.

He searched for her ID from her bag to book the room. As she slept soundly in his hands, he carried her up the stairs.

He entered the hotel room, gently laid Ji Yi on the bed, and tenderly pulled the covers over her.

He stood by her bedside for a long time until her breathing relaxed. Then, he turned the lights off and tiptoed out.

It was already one in the morning when he left the Four Seasons hotel. He Jichen stood on the empty streets with a cigarette lit. Under the dim lights of the lamppost and through the clouds of smoke, he suddenly thought back to that night they had a one-night stand. Back then, he also stood on the street afterwards like this. This scene really brought him back to that night.

But when lay her down, she gently said those words that crippled his heart. He thought back to her words "I don't want to get married, yet I think that's all I can do..."

He Jichen didn't move an inch as though he'd turned to stone. It wasn't until the cigarette burned out and burned his finger that he snapped back to his senses and put out the cigarette.