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Chapter 76: Missing the Days When We Were Young (6)

 Chapter 76: Missing the Days When We Were Young (6)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

If I knew, would I need you to look for her? cursed He Jichen inside as he was thought of a few hints then said, "She's from Yizhong. Long hair, sweet voice, and a beautiful back..."

Fatty waited for a long time for He Jichen to go on, but he didn't. "That's it?"

"That's it."

"There must be a name."

Told you to go find her, so just go find her! Why do you still have so much shit to say?!

He Jichen felt like cursing him out but then his eyes were drawn to the bundle of colas in Fatty's arms. He paused with the cigarette still in his mouth for a moment as the ashes fell. Then he murmured, "Call her Cola girl."

"Cola girl? What the..." The final word, "hell," didn't leave Fatty's mouth. He Jichen's bone-chilling gaze landed on him and he hastily shut up. With a sudden nod, he said with the utmost certainty, "Relax, Chen Ge. Leave it to me. I'll definitely find Chen Sao!"

Fatty started to look for "Cola girl" for He Jichen, and he did so with a particular gusto.

That night, Suchen Yizhong's forum, the school's notice board and radio, had breaking news titled "Looking for Cola girl." The message was simple: "Looking for a beautiful woman with the name Cola girl. Student of Yizhong with long hair, sweet voice, and a beautiful back."

Not only that, but Fatty also split up the "gang of lowlifes" into several teams to go through each class in search for those listed qualities to find "Cola girl".

At the time, Fatty brought fifty-if not a hundred-girls to He Jichen every day.

All the middle schools in Sucheng knew He Jichen was looking for "Cola girl", along with the schools in Yizhong.

At the time, those two words "Cola girl" became more popular than the words "He Jichen." Everyone was full of suspense and curiosity as they talked about how Chen Ge had fallen for this Cola girl.

Eventually, school leaders caught wind of "Cola girl incident," so He Jichen's parents were called, and he was brought into the dean's office for an entire afternoon. In the end, he, Fatty and the gang were punished to clean the school toilets for a month.

But even after paying the price and going through such "serious distress" to clean the toilets, He Jichen still couldn't find "Cola girl."

It wasn't until He Jichen and the gang had cleaned the toilets for twenty-eight days that he finally saw his "Cola girl."

That day, it was evening, well after school hours. He had a mop in his hand as he leaned against the window opposite the toilet. He stared at Fatty and the gang cleaning the toilet bowls, "exhausted."

He was bored, so he was about to call someone to go buy him a bottle of cola when he accidentally turned his head and coincidentally caught the familiar figure he'd been looking for through the window.

Reflexively, he dropped the mop in his hand and ran towards the stairs as he ignored the cries of Fatty and the gang.