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Chapter 74: Missing the Days When We Were Young (4)

 Chapter 74: Missing the Days When We Were Young (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He was young and didn't know better; he didn't think much of it. As he grew up, he finally understood in junior high that He Yuguang had paid the price for his own good health.

So he thought that if he was a bad kid, his parents would love He Yuguang a little more.

That was when he started to skip classes and get into fights. He learned how to drink and smoke, joined gangs, and stayed out late... That was probably the most "hot-blooded" period of his life. In less than two months, he annihilated Sucheng Yizhong school's big boss for three consecutive years and became the new Laoda 1 of the school.

At the time, whenever he walked out of school, cowering students hid far from him and didn't dare make a sound. Those who were brave enough whispered things like "This is Yizhong's Laoda" or "I heard our school's Laoda was stopped last night at the internet cafe. In the end, he took on five other guys and completely destroyed them" as he brushed past.

At the time, a lot of people in school politely made way for him when they saw him and cried, "Chen Ge."

Besides news of his "hot-blooded glory days", his striking looks generated a lot of interest in his love life.

"Did you know? Our school's Laoda changed girlfriends."

"I just saw our Laoda in the cafeteria eating with the prettiest girl in third year."

"I heard the prettiest girl from the neighboring school came to our school today to look for our Laoda..."

In actuality, he wasn't even friends with those girls, let alone dated them. At most, they chatted with him or simply met up with him.

Back then, the three words "He Jichen" carried a reputation throughout all the middle schools in Sucheng.

He was a legend and frequent topic of gossip. In private, everyone who knew him or spoke to him saw it as an honor. Besides the two nicknames "Chen Ge" and "Yizhong's Laoda", he was also called "Sucheng's Master He" and "Sucheng lady killer."

At the time, everyone speculated at what kind of woman could get Yi Zhong Laoda He Jichen...

Their guesses reached his ears. He hung out in the internet cafe at night and slept during the day. He let out a cold scoff and laughed at the hilarious thought that the kind of woman he was into probably hadn't even been born.

Perhaps it was because he was so overly arrogant that God couldn't watch any longer, so in the first half of his third year, God gave him a girl.

During a break in the early afternoon, he leaned against a pole on the sports field where he was safe from the stares of a thousand students. He leisurely took a drag from a cigarette.

Just when he felt most relaxed, he overheard the conversation of a few of girls behind him.

"Girls, let me ask you-if you were walking alone one night, and you were stopped by two hoodrats who wanted to rape you, what would you do?"

"Call the police."

"Call for help."


Eventually, a girl with the most beautiful and soft voice said, "Give them a condom each."

All of a sudden, he choked on the cigarette in his mouth and bent over in a coughing fit. As he turned his head in the direction of the sound, he caught a glimpse of a tall and elegant long-haired girl.