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Chapter 69: Waging a War for Her (9)

 Chapter 69: Waging a War for Her (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

"I have something else to say," answered He Jichen gracefully.

A hint of anticipation escaped from Qian Ge's eyes as her heart fluttered in joy.

But the anticipation and joy lasted no longer than half a second when He Jichen headed over to the trash can and gracefully flicked the ashes. Then, four blunt and swift words came from his mouth, "Stay away from her."

Qian Ge's pretty face quickly drained of blood. She looked as though she wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. She sounded a little unsteady as she said, "He Jichen, you did that on purpose, didn't you? You clearly knew I don't like hearing you talk about her, yet every word of yours never strays far from her! You deliberately came to hold me back, am I right?"

"Heh..." scoffed He Jichen. He looked like he just heard a hilarious joke. His voice was full of mockery as he said, "I deliberately came to hold you back? You think too much of yourself! Do you think I'm standing here just to reminisce with you? Oh, wait, what do I have to reminisce about with you? The only reason I'm standing here talking to you is because I had something to say to you!"

As He Jichen's words fell, he raised his hand and threw the cigarette into the trash can. Then he took two steps towards Qian Ge.

Once he reached her, his footsteps halted. The air of nonchalance from his body instantly disappeared without a trace and turned the atmosphere tense. When he spoke again, he sounded far more stern and serious.

"Stay away from her. I mean it! If you have to compare yourself to her, then I can definitely tell you that four years ago, you weren't a match for her. Four years later, you still aren't a match for her!"

"Whether you accept it or not, from the very first day you met her, you've never compared to her!"

"The words she didn't say to you-let me say them now. She didn't wage a war against you, but let me do that on her behalf!"

"Remember this clearly: one of these days, Ji Yi will leave you in the dust! What's more, she never needed to compare herself to you because she's already at the top. Four years ago, she stood at the top. Four years later, she still can get back on top!"

"Let me tell you, there'll be a day when wherever she goes, she'll be revered by everyone. If she's not on top, I, He Jichen, will make sure she comes out on top!"

He Jichen said this all in a single breath then took two steps back. He raised his hand, fixed up his shirt, and turned around to leave.

He hadn't gone far when suddenly, he remembered something. He turned his head and stared back at Qian Ge with a stern look. Qian Ge's face turned from white to blue. "Also, quit calling her career short-lived. That will never be the case. Even if it is short-lived, I, He Jichen, won't let her fade into the background!"

With that, He Jichen strode off.

Qian Ge stood in her tracks. He Jichen didn't get far when she suddenly snapped back to reality. Without caring about her image, she jogged up to He Jichen in her high heels.