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Chapter 57: Shut Your Mouth (7)

 Chapter 57: Shut Your Mouth (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Just as he was about to go in, he felt an intense, piercing pain from his ear.

The pain stunned him into stopping everything he was doing.

He felt the immense pain had subsided, but then he realized his shoulders were also in incredible pain as though someone dug their fingernails into him. He furrowed his brows, then heard the familiar, panicked shriek of a voice, "Let me go! Let me go!"

He Jichen held his pose, stopped in mid-movement.

The sound of her fighting back still rang in his ears. Her fingers didn't loosen up, but in fact, she tightened her grip. He faintly felt a sticky liquid trickle from his shoulders. The pearls of blood dripped down his skin and slowly slid down his body. He trembled as the flowing of blood tickled his body. He slowly looked down at the woman underneath him.

As the sight of Ji Yi's deathly pale face gradually came into view, he then realized that everything wasn't a dream after all.

The significance of that thought dawned on He Jichen. His eyes circled Ji Yi twice. Maybe he kissed her too hard, since her lips were so red that they were flushed with blood. There was a different kind of appeal to them. Her fair neck was filled with hickeys, and her hair clung to her skin sensually as her hair was drenched in sweat from struggling against him.

His line of sight stopped on her chest for quite some time before he slowly looked down. When he caught sight of their positions, his lips twitched.

I... I actually almost raped her while half awake...

He Jichen hadn't completely woken up from it all. From underneath, Ji Yi felt him stop moving, so she abruptly reached her hand out and forcefully pushed him away.

She escaped his clutches without a moment's hesitation and pulled on her clothes that had been ripped in two. She tried to cover her body up and inched back to put some distance between them.

He Jichen swayed as Ji Yi pushed him away. That's when he realized where he was-it was the gym in his house. Under him were the yoga mat and the duvet from his master bedroom.

He remembered he got a call from Ji Bomu last night to say that she wanted to give him some supplements. He was in pain, so he didn't hear her particularly well, but he got the general idea. The more he slept, however, the more unconscious he fell. He could tell he had a fever, so he pushed himself to search through his medical kit until he heard the doorbell. He used all his strength to go down the stairs and open the door. Before he could see who rang the bell, he couldn't take it any longer and fainted...

So last night, she was the person at the door?

As He Jichen gradually came to his senses, his eyes fell again slowly on Ji Yi.