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Chapter 56: Shut Your Mouth (6)

 Chapter 56: Shut Your Mouth (6)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He couldn't hold it together. His fingers, which held her tightly, involuntarily started to caress her waist.

Her body shivered for a moment, just like that night four years ago. He slowly stroked her neck with his fingers.

His train of thought was interrupted by her reaction. He couldn't tell if he was really dreaming or if this was real. He just knew that this gentle touch couldn't satisfy him. He needed more.

As that thought crossed his mind, his hand ran up her shirt and reached her breasts.

It seemed like she was fighting back, but then again, maybe not. His mind was so filled with the urge to have her that he couldn't think about anything else. He followed his urges and let his hands explore under her shirt.

This was the same as that night so many years back. Her skin was so unusually soft that it tempted him to no end. He couldn't help but stroke her skin faster, with some desperation. His breath became ragged, and before he could come to his senses, his lips fell to her temple, then to her forehead. His kisses shifted to her closed eyes, before eventually falling on her lips.

He didn't dare use too much strength in fear that it was all an illusion. He gently rubbed against her, and a strong shock of electricity came over him. Just as he was about to go deeper, she suddenly turned her face and avoided his lips.

Could this be real? This never happened in his dreams. He suddenly flipped around, pressed himself on top of her, then lowered his head and kissed her hard on the lips.

He kissed her passionately and eagerly, and as his hands slipped down her collar, he started to unbutton her shirt.

She reached her hand out to try to stop him in every way possible, but she wasn't strong enough. He kept her hand away with ease and unbuttoned her shirt even faster.

She struggled even harder. Her legs started to flail, and her head swayed erratically as he kissed empty air.

Even in my dreams, she's avoiding me?

He Jichen's heart suddenly felt pained and angry. He gave up unbuttoning the rest of the buttons and hastily grabbed her collar. With one hard tug, he ripped her clothes right in two. With one hand, he held her chin and kissed her mouth again, hard. He then started to recklessly explore her exposed skin.

In a daze, he thought he heard a teary crack in her voice. He assumed it was just his imagination, so he didn't pay much attention to it. She wriggled around endlessly, harder and harder. Her resistance annoyed him a little and it only made him want her more. He clenched his jaw harder and left deep, uneven marks, one after another on her white skin as punishment.