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Chapter 55: Shut Your Mouth (5)

 Chapter 55: Shut Your Mouth (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He couldn't count just how many times he dreamt of this over the past few years. It was only in his dreams that he ever dared to imagine her by his side.

He didn't dare move recklessly, fearing that this wild dream would disappear without a trace, just as it had happened countless times before.

He slept with his body tensed up in the same position for an indefinite amount of time. His dreams suddenly became convincingly real as the woman in his arm shifted in her sleep.

He wasn't sure if it was because she was cold and seeking warmth or if it was because she was uncomfortable, but every now and then she changed positions.

As she tossed back and forth, she edged increasingly close to him. Eventually, she snuggled up right against his body. Her hand hugged his waist.

The air was filled with her scent. Her face happened to face his neck, resulting in her gentle breath flowing over his skin, inciting waves of numbness in him. Like in his dreams, his body started to unconsciously respond to her.

Every now and then, she kept tossing around, igniting a flame inside of him. In a sleepy haze, he felt his body temperature gradually start to increase. He tried to lower it with much difficulty.

His breath hastened a little as his heartbeat sped up out of control. He instinctively turned and trapped her in his embrace.

The position felt so sensual as her back pressed closely against his chest. He couldn't handle this level of intimacy.

In the long years since they parted, it wasn't like he hadn't had similar dreams before, but whenever he reached the climactic moment to kiss her, he always ended up kissing empty space.

Even though it was painful to hold back his desires, he wanted to treasure the time he had with her, so he tensed up his body and forced himself to lay still.

Even though he was engulfed in sadness from not being able to be with her, he could hold her close as long as he had dreams like this. Although he knew he'd be devastated when he was ruthlessly awakened from his beautiful dreams, he couldn't bear to not have these dreams at all. That was just how sad he was.

Maybe he wasn't embracing her properly, but Ji Yi felt a little uncomfortable in her sleep. She struggled gently for a moment, and as she shifted, he was tempted to push her body back into place. He moved his arm away from hers, then drew close to her ear and mumbled the words, "Don't move, or I can't guarantee your safety."

She didn't move.

Because he used all his strength to hold her, their bodies were pressed tightly together. Through his thin clothes, he could feel the evident shape of her soft curves and the smoothness of her skin.