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Chapter 50: Somewhere in Plain Sight (10)

 Chapter 50: Somewhere in Plain Sight (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi didn't say anything but smiled as she watched Qian Ge leave. Ji Yi's eyes didn't turn completely cold until Qian Ge disappeared out of sight.

She wasn't joking with Qian Ge; her threat was genuine.

Ji Yi definitely wasn't the type to let people bully her without fighting back. In her book, these words were of utmost importance: Never let anyone get away with threatening you.

She definitely wouldn't allow Qian Ge to steal her title and live a bright and beautiful life that she didn't deserve.

She would use all her power to make Qian Ge and Xie Siyao give back every little thing they owed her.

No matter if it was her spot as Queen Bee, her office, or even their current success... She wanted them to give it all back!


Director Liang's company was quite close to Ji Yi's parent's house. Since she accidentally left her cafeteria card there on her last visit and had been temporarily using Tang Huahua's card, she hailed a taxi and went straight to her parent's house to pick it up.

After dinner, Ji Yi noticed it was still early, so she sat on her sofa and started to watch TV.

Her mother cut up some fruit and brought it to her as she took a seat and watched TV with her for a while. Then, she suddenly looked like she remembered something and turned her head to ask Ji Yi, "Xiao Yi, how is Jichen these days?"

As her mother said this, the words He Jichen said to her yesterday at his house suddenly rang in her ears. He told her, "I'm warning you, don't talk about me ever again!"

Ji Yi paused as she was about to pick up an apple slice. She really didn't want to reply.

"Xiao Yi?! Mama's asking a question!" said Ji Yi's mother emphatically as she watched her daughter remain silent for some time.

After Ji Yi slowly swallowed the apple, she unwilling replied, "Quite good."

Her mother could tell this was a half-hearted reply. "Forget it, I can't trust you."

Ji Yi figured it was over, but then her mother said, "When you were back in Sucheng, your He Ayi looked after you so well. Now that Jichen is in Beijing, we haven't done anything for him. Xiao Yi, don't you live quite close to Jichen? On your way home, why don't you stop by his place and drop off some nutrient supplements I prepared for him."

Ji Yi instinctively declined, "I don't know where he lives."

After a pause, Ji Yi added, "What's more, I don't even have his number, so I can't even call him. How am I supposed to give..."

Before Ji Yi could finish, her mum held up her phone and pressed a few buttons. With that, the phone in Ji Yi's hands rang "ding-dong." She looked down to find that her mum had sent her a text with eleven digits.

Her mum didn't need to explain; she knew it was He Jichen's number.

Ji Yi knew if her mum wanted something done, nobody could say "no." Since her mum would probably pester her about this non-stop, she figured it'd be best to just get on with it.

Worst comes to worst, she could just take the supplements back to the dorm and give them to Bo He and Tang Huahua...

Ji Yi's plan was foiled all too soon as she had only punched half the digits into her phone before her mother snatched the phone from her. Before she could even react, her mother quickly punched in the rest of the numbers. "Jichen ah... It's your Ji Bomu 1 ."