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Chapter 40: Let Her Leave (10)

 Chapter 40: Let Her Leave (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He Jichen's hand started to gently tremble as he held onto the cup.

Ji Yi figured that Lin Ya probably had other things to do last night, so she didn't stay over at He Jichen's place, but what if she came back later... Ji Yi wholeheartedly wanted to leave as soon as possible. Seeing He Jichen wasn't going to take the money from her hands, she put it on the bed then politely bid farewell to He Jichen, "I better be off now to avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings and trouble with Lin Ya when she gets back..."

Ji Yi barely finished her last word when He Jichen suddenly smashed the cup hard onto the ground.

It made an unparalleled, sharp "pala!" and Ji Yi shut her mouth in shock. She wanted to take a step back to distance herself from He Jichen, but before she could react, He Jichen abruptly took a big step forward. He firmly grabbed her collar and pulled her in front of him.

He seemed angry. His body trembled slightly, and there was an arctic air that felt apocalyptic. An extremely stifling sensation emanated from his very bones, and it made her want to shudder.

He looked into her eyes with a cold intensity as though they were two sharp, invisible knives itching to hack her to pieces.

He panted like crazy. After a good while, he forced the words out between his gritted teeth, "Let me tell you, there's..."

With that, He Jichen almost let it slip. He suddenly stopped talking and tightly pursed his lips. He just couldn't bring himself to say the rest "...nothing between Lin Ya and me."

He opened and closed his lips a few times, but he couldn't think of a better excuse.

This doesn't seem like the first time she's lumped me and Lin Ya together. She actually took everything I did for her as an apology on behalf of Lin Ya?! What did she say about Lin Ya coming back? What right did she have to assume Lin Ya lives in this house... The more He Jichen thought about it, the more he boiled with rage. The bottom of his eyes turned scarlet as he clutched her collar with uncontrollably shaky fingers. He gulped hard but as usual, he didn't say a word. He eventually forcefully pushed her down with an angry swing.

Ji Yi's body felt like a leaf in a violent storm. Without the strength to fight back, she fell to the ground.

Her head banged against the solid wooden chair with a loud thud.

Zhang Sao, who was at the door, shrieked in shock when she saw this and rushed over to Ji Yi. "Mr. He, Miss!"

But just when Zhang Sao took barely two steps forward, He Jichen suddenly roared, "Don't bother with her! Didn't she want to leave? Let her leave!"

Zhang Sao didn't dare to move any further as she stood frozen on the spot, so she could only look at Ji Yi with a face full of worry.

After a few seconds, Ji Yi recovered from the pain in her head, then she silently tried to stand up. She didn't say a thing, nor did she glance at He Jichen, before striding right out of the bedroom.

The moment she brushed past him, He Jichen suddenly reached his hand out and hastily grabbed her wrist. He paused between every word as he said, "I warn you, don't talk about me ever again!"