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Chapter 33: Let Her Leave (3)

 Chapter 33: Let Her Leave (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Actually, Lin Ya didn't say much, but he just didn't have the patience for her. He lifted his head, hoping to avoid her, but then he saw her. It was Ji Yi, standing not too far away by the entrance of the supermarket.

She was looking over at him and Lin Ya. Her eyes were clear-there was no emotion at all-but in that very moment, his heart skipped a beat for some reason. An indescribable sense of panic came over him as he subconsciously lifted a leg in her direction. However, before he could make his way over, Ji Yi suddenly turned around and left in a hurry.

His crappy mood instantly worsened. He silently stared at where Ji Yi had been standing for a while then without even buying the lighter, he turned around, pulled the car door open, and got in.

He ignored Lin Ya's frantic slapping on his window and stepped hard on the gas, leaving her in the dust as he sped off.

Just as he was about to reach his house, He Jichen got a call from Han Zhifan inviting him to The Golden Lounge to play cards. He hadn't decided if he was going or not, but he let out a non-committal "Mm" and hung up the phone.

As He Jichen was about to take a turn into the residential gates, he hesitated for a moment then turned the car around, heading for The Golden Lounge.

Playing cards made the time fly by. In the blink of an eye, the sky was already dark.

After He Jichen picked up a card in front of him, Han Zhifan glanced at his watch. It was already eight o'clock, so he turned his head around to look at He Jichen, who'd remained quiet from the start. He asked, "Want to go next door for some food?"

He Jichen knew that by "next door", Han Zhifan meant China World Hotel, Beijing. His fingers nonchalantly rubbed the card, and after thinking it over, he gave a slight nod and got up to walk out of the room.

Han Zhifan hurriedly called the waiter for the bill, then picked up his jacket and swiftly chased after him.

After dinner, Han Zhifan pulled out a pack of cigarettes out of habit. He took out a cigarette and was about to put it to his lips when remembered He Jichen. Turning to him, he offered the cigarette to He Jichen. "Want one?"

He Jichen silently reached his arm out to take it.

Han Zhifan lit He Jichen's cigarette first, then his own. While holding the cigarette with his lips, he slowly took a drag. He assumed He Jichen would silently hold his cigarette between his fingers, waiting for it to slowly burn to the end as he always did. Who knew that a second later, he would actually put it to his mouth and take a deep drag.

Having been classmates with He Jichen for four years, he knew more than anyone that he liked cigarettes but never smoked them.

Since three years ago, this was the second time seeing him take a big drag like this.

He Jichen's odd behaviour stunned Han Zhifan. He then looked down at He Jichen's plate and realized there wasn't a single trace of oil. He realized that he might've been the only one who ate that night since He Jichen hadn't even picked up his chopsticks.

Han Zhifan quickly released the smoke from his mouth and asked, "What's up? Not in a good mood?"